I Went On A Juice Detox And Here’s What I Learned

Yesterday Gav and I decided to try a La Juiceria one-day juice detox. La Juiceria is a fancy schmancy juice chain in Malaysia, although I get the feeling the concept has definitely been copied from Melbourne or somewhere equally hip. Quite possibly Singapore (although I haven’t been back since a brief layover in 1996, so it’s difficult to tell). It’s the sort of place where everything is so perfect: the bottles are laid out symmetrically, they have acai bowls, and they also provide you with two options for a juice cleanse so you don’t need to think about it (I tried, and it was hard). Win-win. Continue reading

A Long-Overdue Collection of Empties

A Long-Overdue Collection of Empties

I’ve previously written about my excessive and arguably unreasonable beauty stash, but I haven’t discussed my progress in a while. Well, I’m sure you’re pleased to know that I’m slowly but surely working through a number of products, and I wanted to share my thoughts on a few that I’ve finished recently.

Do note: this is in no way all of them, and I have a lot more that I need to blog about before I discard them… so let’s hope I get them in a post soon so I can eventually put them where they belong: in the trash.  Continue reading

How To Do City Breaks in Malaysia

How To Do City Breaks in Malaysia

If you saw my recent post on the Cameron Highlands, you’ll know that I’m in a bit of a travel frenzy right now. Nothing too crazy, but there’s definite yearnings to explore new territory — which I’ve decided to satiate with well-timed city breaks in Malaysia. Continue reading

Two Body Shop Favourites: Vitamin E Moisture Cream & Mango Body Butter

Two Body Shop Favourites: Vitamin E Moisture Cream & Mango Body Butter

I’ve always been a fan of The Body Shop. It’s just always been there.

I remember being in the store in Southland as a kid, and being so fascinated by all the delicious scents and “flavours” of products. I also remember when they brought out makeup, and they had these incredible bronzing balls that you just dusted with a brush… mind-blowing. (It may sound like I’m being sarcastic, but I was genuinely enthralled by this as a kid.)

As a teenager, I thought I had “outgrown” The Body Shop, but as with most of my teenage thoughts, I realised that didn’t make any sense — and now I’m completely into it again.

Continue reading

I'm In Love With The Cameron Highlands

I’m In Love With The Cameron Highlands

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit like a chicken in a pen: cooped up. Since coming back from Melbourne in late March, we hadn’t left our little enclave, and I was starting to feel it. Not that our life in Malaysia is bad — far from it. In fact, my unsettled-ness might be because I’ve lost touch with reality, as I spend my weekends enjoying pastries at Jason’s and reading amazing books like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

Yes, life is sweet, but everyone needs a change now and then… which is why we decided to up and leave to the Cameron Highlands for a few days. And let me tell you (in case the title of this post wasn’t obvious enough), that I have seriously fallen for this stunning corner of the earth.  Continue reading

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

An Ode To Creativity: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I just finished a book that will change my life. Seriously.

Back in 2009 I read Eat Pray Love and yes, I proclaimed that it was a life-changing book. This was not a lie, people! The way Gilbert wrote about her coming-of-a-certain-age tale was really beautiful and touching, and it was one of those books I just couldn’t put down.

And now, it has met its match in Gilbert’s latest release, Big MagicContinue reading

Nature Republic The First Essential Skin (Review)

My Bae: Nature Republic The First Essence (Review)

I recently finished one of my favourite products ever: Nature Republic’s The First Essence. I bought this on a whim when I popped over to Korea back in November, and it had been burning a hole in my case/cupboard ever since.

Y’all know how much I love Nature Republic. As far as high street brands go, I find it pretty darn awesome. Despite having sensitive skin, I don’t always focus on specific ingredients, and I know that Nature Republic isn’t always the shining beacon of ethical and scientific skincare. However, I have found 99% of their products to work for me — and this one was quite possibly my favourite so far.  Continue reading