Video: The Monday Vlog #5!

It's Monday Vlog time... actually it's not at all

It’s Monday Vlog time… actually it’s not at all

Okay, so I know it’s really not Monday… but still, surprise! I realised after the last Monday Vlog that I had forgot to put a bit of extra footage in. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t taken many shots this week and you’ve got this bumper/catchup/binge session on your hands. Yep, I’m good to you!  Continue reading

How Milk Ruins Your Skin

No makeup, no filter

No makeup, no filter

So I’ve decided to give up milk (again).

Now, when I say “give up”, I initially meant it loosely and forgave myself if I ever reneged on this promise. However, after my episode a little while ago where milk completely destroyed my appetite and my body for a good 5 days, I’ve since given up on being easy on myself and now have a no tolerance (intolerance?) rule when it comes to milk.  Continue reading

Video: My November Favourites!

It's November Favourites time!

It’s November Favourites time!

Well would you looky here… I’ve actually remembered to do a Monthly Favourites post on time! With a video and everything. I did film this last week, so there may be some references to future-events (Gav coming home, posts every day) which have already happened (or may have never happened…) so please excuse those. Instead, marvel at my enthusiasm about tea and MUESLI! Living in Korea, muesli is a very exciting thing for me… although to be honest, I’ve always found it pretty riveting.  Continue reading