Sample Sundays feat. Etude House, Chica Y Chico, Lioele and more!

This week, I used up a bajillion samples and I’m honestly really proud of that. I think I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with finishing things up and sorting out my stash, which I’m going to take as a good thing (if not a little bit OCD). I get such satisfaction out of doing this! Does anyone else feel me on this? Please let me know, so I know I’m not alone… ^_^

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Happy 4th of July, Y’all!

Yo yo! Today I thought I would acknowledge and celebrate the 4th of July because, despite not being American myself, a lot of you lovely readers are and that’s reason enough for me. Plus, we recently had “America Day” at my workplace and I dressed up in red, white and blue so it all ties in perfectly! Finding convenient and easy ways to do things is an American thing to do too, so this is going perfectly. Continue reading


My First Experience With Q-Depot, the Mecca of Online K-beauty Shopping

A little while ago, a new Korean beauty store called Q-Depot contacted me to review a few products from their website. I’d never heard of them before, but Shah (their representative) was lovely and I always love to support newcomers! Plus, who can say no to Korean beauty products?! (Not I, that’s for darn sure.) I waited for my package to arrive, and although the Malaysian post tried to thwart my joy by delivering it to the wrong place (and indirectly making me wait days to pick it up… DAYS!), I eventually got it in my hot little hands and was over the moon.  Continue reading

Missha The Style Beautiful Lip Tint in Moist Coral

A Little Review of Missha The Style Beautiful Tint (Yes, That’s the Name)

When I was teaching English in Korea, I also had to teach elementary school students along with the cute kindergarten kids. This happened in the afternoon, after having taught what felt like a lifetime with energetic (but adorable) young children, and so there often wasn’t much gas left in the tank for these guys. So, when the students were good, you noticed.

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