More Products I Finished (aka Revenge of the Empties)

Me empties

Me empties

Just before I left Korea, I found a stash of empties in my cupboard but didn’t have time to film a video or really do anything with them. But I had worked long and hard to finish these products, so I wasn’t about to let that go unnoticed, dagnabit! So, I took a quick pic and then promptly took them downstairs to be recycled and disposed of forever. Wanna know my thoughts on these babies? Read on!  Continue reading

How I Became a Sweaty Monster (And What I’m Doing About It)

Sweat steez: 100

Sweat steez: 100

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, Thailand, India… hell, anywhere within cooee of the equator, you will know that the tropics are no. joke. Seriously, they take no mercy but will instead take all your dignity when it comes to personal hygiene. Trust me, I’ve learnt this the hard way, and today I want to talk you through my experiences with managing the soaring temperatures, and what I’m doing about it (perhaps in vain…?) to be a cleaner, more socially acceptable person.

First off, let me just say: it ain’t easy.

This kind of weather is the sort that can be described as “muggy”, “humid” and also, my personal favourite, “cloying”. It’s the kind of heat that you can feel sticking all over your body – and it makes everything stick to your body, too. It’s like the heat has a heartbeat and is throbbing it all over you. Something like that. I think you’re beginning to get the picture.

Couple this with the fact that I can’t go anywhere in the sun without SPF50+ (minimum) and this sticky situation gets a whole lot worse. Seriously, sticky. I also prefer to cover up from the sun’s rays, so this involves: hat, sunglasses, usually long-ish dress with a light coverup shirt over it… that’s a lot of stuff for somewhere that’s 35 degrees on average. But the UV index is also dangerously high here (“extreme” seems to be a popular term on the ol’ weather forecast sites), which I feel justifies my rather extreme get-up (har, har). In fact, it definitely does.

Anyway, so I’m trying to manage living respectfully and decently (aka not turning into a sweaty mess) with actually getting out and about and seeing the place. And I’ve come to a few conclusions already in my short time here:

1. Malls are everything.

2. Uber is also everything.

3. The time between 10am-4pm is deadly.

4. Deodorant won’t help you here. It’s like being in space: no one can hear you scream.

Gav and I also came to the conclusion that incidental exercise is a big no-no here. Even if you just think about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, your sweat glands will punish you for that within 20 seconds. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s not somewhere I wanna go back to.

Soooo… I’m still working on this one and am hoping my body will continue to adjust to the climate. To be fair, my Celtic soul has been handling this humidity very well, but even Gav and Sehar (with their beautiful darker skin) feel me on this. It’s hawt.

How about you? Have you lived/do you live in the tropics? Any tips to manage this conundrum would be muchly appreciated!

Steph x

KL Cuisine #1: Third Wave Cafe, Bangsar South

Absolute deliciousness at Third Wave <3

Absolute deliciousness at Third Wave <3

Sooo, before I left Korea, I started a brief but glorious series called Guri Greats. I actually have a lot more places to post about, but seeing as I’m not living there anymore… It’s kinda hard. Anyway, I decided to start something similar for my time in Kuala Lumpur, especially because there are so many delicious eateries around – and y’all know I love to eat.

Without further ado, let me introduce the first instalment of KL Cuisine: Third Wave Cafe, Bangsar South!

Before I landed in KL, Gav had sussed out the surrounding area for good places to eat. And by gum, they are many and wondrous. This family-run cafe is located in the Nexus complex, a really fancy-lookin’, modern building brimming with amazing places to chow down.

I immediately loved the look and feel of Third Wave, because it is full of books and quirky decorations. Take, for instance, these handmade fortune cookies which I was so kindly offered:

My cute fortune cookie (and fortune!)

My cute fortune cookie (and fortune!)

Not a bad fortune, ey?

The staff here are always so lovely and attentive without being intrusive. Being the introvert that I am, I have come here a few times with my laptop to get some work done. They are always really kind to me and leave me to my devices, but are very friendly at the same time. I always feel really welcome here and that’s a testament to their hospitality.

Now how about the food? I’m glad you asked!

In the name of science, I took it upon myself to try a number of dishes… And I give them all two thumbs up. Have a look at this delicious Rabbit Breakfast:

The Rabbit (Vegetarian) Breakfast

The Rabbit (Vegetarian) Breakfast

Firstly, I want to highlight the beans in this meal. They were engulfed in a rich tomato-y salsa and cooked so perfection. So flavourful! It also came with baby carrots (cuuuute!), baby spinach, herbed potatoes with cheese, sauteed mushrooms and a 63 degree-cooked egg. So amazing.

On another occasion, we tried the Mushroom Breakfast (I can’t remember the exact name but the mushroom is definitely the star). You get a portobello mushroom (cooked to perfection), stuffed with cheese, herbed potato, cherry tomatoes and spinach, and then topped with a perfectly fried egg. Gav happened to arrive just as this was being delivered to my table, and we devoured this in record time. Seriously, it barely touched the sides of our throats. Straight down the gullet!

And of course, we then had the waffle which you can see above. It came with berries, banana and ice-cream, as well as maple syrup to drizzle over it (which we did – we did). I’m usually more of a pancakes girl, but this waffle was the bomb. Plus, all these meals are affordable – I can’t remember the exact prices, but when I head back there (soon) I’ll update this post.

So that’s that for my favourite KL cafe! I hope to start adding to this series very shortly – and considering food in Malaysia is off-the-charts amazing, I’m sure it won’t be that difficult. I’ll keep you posted!

Third Wave Cafe
Unit 1-11, Level 1, Nexus Building
Bangsar South
Third Wave’s Facebook page

Until next time!

Steph x