I'm In Love With The Cameron Highlands

I’m In Love With The Cameron Highlands

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit like a chicken in a pen: cooped up. Since coming back from Melbourne in late March, we hadn’t left our little enclave, and I was starting to feel it. Not that our life in Malaysia is bad — far from it. In fact, my unsettled-ness might be because I’ve lost touch with reality, as I spend my weekends enjoying pastries at Jason’s and reading amazing books like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

Yes, life is sweet, but everyone needs a change now and then… which is why we decided to up and leave to the Cameron Highlands for a few days. And let me tell you (in case the title of this post wasn’t obvious enough), that I have seriously fallen for this stunning corner of the earth.  Continue reading

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

An Ode To Creativity: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I just finished a book that will change my life. Seriously.

Back in 2009 I read Eat Pray Love and yes, I proclaimed that it was a life-changing book. This was not a lie, people! The way Gilbert wrote about her coming-of-a-certain-age tale was really beautiful and touching, and it was one of those books I just couldn’t put down.

And now, it has met its match in Gilbert’s latest release, Big MagicContinue reading

Nature Republic The First Essential Skin (Review)

My Bae: Nature Republic The First Essence (Review)

I recently finished one of my favourite products ever: Nature Republic’s The First Essence. I bought this on a whim when I popped over to Korea back in November, and it had been burning a hole in my case/cupboard ever since.

Y’all know how much I love Nature Republic. As far as high street brands go, I find it pretty darn awesome. Despite having sensitive skin, I don’t always focus on specific ingredients, and I know that Nature Republic isn’t always the shining beacon of ethical and scientific skincare. However, I have found 99% of their products to work for me — and this one was quite possibly my favourite so far.  Continue reading

Dining at Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dining at Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Hi friends! Long time no chat. This year, we’ve popped over to Australia twice (because why not? Also, weddings) and I my focus has been slightly sapped. And by slightly I mean totally — I’ve let work get in the way of my creative life once again… and that just does not work for me!

Instead, I wanted to introduce you to a nice little ritual Gav and I have developed over the past few months. It involves heading to Jason’s Food Hall in Bangsar Shopping Centre, and eating up a storm. If you think you can get on board with that, then read on!  Continue reading

Blog inspiration

Blog Inspiration & Posts That are a Joy to Read

Today I thought I’d share a little love, do a little dance… and blog tonight?! Something along those lines. I feel like I’ve been slightly out of touch of the blogging Scene and haven’t really been sharing the blogs and posts that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Until now!  Continue reading


What Climbing Taught Me About Myself (And Life)

Two weeks ago, I tried climbing for the first time… and let me tell you, this stuff is no joke. Of course, when you think of climbing gyms, it’s not like you assume it’s easy, but honestly… it’s way harder than I could ever imagine. The thing is, this wasn’t only physically — to me, climbing is a metaphor for life, and one that you learn real quick.  Continue reading


Shiny Pretty Things: Nature Republic Botanical Crystal Shadows

When I popped over to Korea back in November, I went absolutely nuts in Nature Republic. I mean, that’s no surprise to anyone, but the issue remains that I seem to have more K-beauty products than sense. There’s bags in bags and boxes on boxes, and I want to make sure I’m appreciate all these pretty things… such as the Nature Republic Botanical Crystal Shadows that I’m going to talk about today.  Continue reading