The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk + Rice Mask

A Few Delicious Face Shop Goodies

So recently I’ve been missing Korea… a lot. The energy, the food, the people… the beauty. Yes, Korea itself is beautiful, but right now I’m talking about the beauty stores and products which gloriously litter the streets and can be found EVERYWHERE. It’s a beautiful thing.  Continue reading

My deluxe samples

Sample Sundays: Deluxe Sample Edition

Hey y’all! It’s been a while and I’ve missed you! Rest assured I’ve been a busy little bee over these parts, working hard and also hoarding away a million beauty products to try and clear out my living space once and for all. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it!

But today, I’m bringing back Sample Sundays, with a special Deluxe Sample Edition. I realised that I’d used up a lot of the same Malin + Goetz samples, and I have a few other larger sized samples to talk about, too. So let’s get into it!  Continue reading

The beautiful kitchen area

KL Cuisine #5: Bedrock Cafe, Subang Jaya

A little while ago, I had a real urge to get out of my little expat bubble and try somewhere a bit new. By ‘new’ I mean ‘a nice, clean Uber ride away to still delicious food’. I actually gave Gav my phone to scroll through the ‘Malaysian Cafes’ feed, and he stumbled across an amazing-looking baked eggs dish. It was on, and there was no going back from that.  Continue reading


Video: Our Cambodian Getaway!

A little while ago, Gav and I escaped to Siem Reap for a couple of days — and I absolutely loved it. While we were there, I captured a lot of our escapades on video, and decided to compile it into a vlog for y’all. Well, that obviously took me a little while to finish, but the day has come for you to witness these days of our lives and my goodness, I’m certainly going to be living vicariously through myself because Cambodia is AWESOME.  Continue reading


The Status of My Korean Beauty Clearout

Hey y’all!

So those of you that know me (which is most of you reading this right now!), you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing for Korean cosmetics. Like, a lot. I’ve tried, and I’ve tried to break the hold, but to no avail. I just keep coming back for more. There’s something about the continual search for perfection inherent to the rapidly-growing and constantly-evolving Korean beauty market that just drives me wild.

But… when is too much too muchContinue reading


Sample Sundays feat. Holika Holika, Nature Republic and more!

Unlike the previous few Sample Sundays, this week’s haul is a tad measly. Yep, I said it! Only five samples here for review, but by golly, were they (mostly) good ones! If you’d like to read my thoughts on these babies, just keep on scrolling…  Continue reading


Sample Sundays feat. Etude House, Chica Y Chico, Lioele and more!

This week, I used up a bajillion samples and I’m honestly really proud of that. I think I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with finishing things up and sorting out my stash, which I’m going to take as a good thing (if not a little bit OCD). I get such satisfaction out of doing this! Does anyone else feel me on this? Please let me know, so I know I’m not alone… ^_^

But for now, let’s get on with the show!  Continue reading