The Korean Beauty Product That Had Me Practically Hyperventilating

A little while ago, when I was yet again perusing the Korean beauty mecca that is 50 Shades of Snail, when I stumbled upon something that would change my life. And of course, lovely readers, that is the Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil. Praise be to Jebus — this stuff is insane! 

At the time, I was missing Korea terribly (as I am oft to do), and hadn’t yet been back to go on a crazy shopping spree — but I did happen to have a lovely friend who was visiting Seoul for work, and offered to pick something up for me. Dangerous last words, my friend… it took all my might not to request a total inventory of the latest Nature Republic items, but you know, I resisted and requested just one. ONE. Do you know how hard that is for a K-beauty addict? I deserve a goshdarn medal… or perhaps just a golden bottle of heaven.

So, let’s get on with the show, shall we? Firstly, presenting the bottle of divine glory in all its holiness (please don’t take this too seriously):

Banila Co's Mr Honey & Miss Flower Essence Oil
Banila Co’s Mr Honey & Miss Flower Essence Oil

As you can see, the Mr. Flower & Miss Honey Essence Oil comes in a cute gold container with a pipette. It’s made of glass (or really high-quality plastic, not 100% sure), and the bottom part is see-through — so it actually looks like you’re putting honey on your face. Mmm.

Getting to the honey part — this thing also smells like you’re smothering your face in honey, but not in a weird way. Not that that could ever be weird anyway! Sometimes I find that honey-scented products can go a bit haywire, like someone got a little too keen replicating a natural scent in a synthesised version, and it just ends up a bit icky and heady. Not this one though. It’s the perfect sweetness, but also not too heavy… just right, you could say.

Now for the texture. I’ve always been a bit hesitant about facial oils, because I used to have acne and really troubled skin that would get greasy easily. Still have some mental hangups from that, but I’m happy to say that my skin is pretty darn easygoing these days. Regardless, this essence oil is pretty much what it says it is — a mix between an essence and an oil. This means that it has the perfect texture; highly moisturising, silky smooth but nice and light. Superb.

Check out that baby (air bubble and all)!

As for the actual ingredients of this gem, Fiddy has the full listing so I won’t outline it here (plus I don’t have the box any longer). She is actually the reason why I chose this one over the essence stick — which I tried when I did go to Seoul, and found way too heavy for me. Thanks gurl!

Anyway, the main ingredient for this baby is collagen extract, which perhaps explains the smoothness and silkiness I feel when I cover my face in this. Wow, that sounds suggestive, but hey… it’s true. Of course, this product does also contain honey extract, as well as propolis extract and royal jelly extract. I feel like this is so luxurious and the reason why it’s so nourishing. Plus I just love honey. It sort of makes me feel like I’m a pancake — and I’m very okay with that.

A closer look at the silky texture of this Essence Oil <3

As I mentioned earlier, this little cutie comes with an even cuter pipette, so you can keep your greasy mitts out of the product (or is that just my mitts?). I think it looks quite luxe, and although it’s not the cheapest item around, it’s still decently priced for such a high quality item.

Actually, this is the first Banila Co. product I’ve owned (apart from a Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack sample I received in a previous Memebox), and I’m excited to have my K-beauty addiction extend even further. I sort of think of Banila Co. as a Korean version of Benefit, and I do think that they get a lot of their marketing and packaging… inspiration from Benefit. But either way, the consumer wins, so it’s all good!

Here’s the pipette in action:

I just like saying “pipette” 😉

All in all, I’m chuffed with this product, and I’m attributing my recently glowy skin to this (at least, in part). It absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. It just makes my skin feel like silk, okay?! Its so lovely! My friend was kind and generous enough to buy two sets, so I have a backup ready to go, which completely allays my usual panicky feelings about Holy Grail products running out. Yay for hoarding!

You can pick up Banila Co.’s Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Essence Oil here.

Have you tried this beautiful gem of an essence oil? Or any other essence oils? Do other essence oils even exist outside of this one? Let me know!

Steph x

  1. I was just in Korea last week, and this was the first product I made sure to buy! Tried it as soon as I got back to the hotel, promptly fell in love, and got myself another bottle before leaving the airport. Banila Co recently opened where I live, but I’m not really that keen on paying more for their products–though I probably would have to once I run out… Unless I find myself in Seoul before that happens, that is. 😉

    1. Smart woman! I was so thrilled my friend bought me two boxes — that’s true friendship right there! I get what you mean about paying more for K-beauty… it’s really hard after having lived there. I mean, I still do buy it in Malaysia, but it just hurts that little bit more, lol. I am also considering another trip back to Korea, all in the name of responsibly saving money, of course… 😉

    1. It’s beautiful! So silky and smooth. And yes, Korean cosmetics are the bomb — I have so many and yet I just keep wanting more! 🙂

  2. Is Banilla Co the actual name of the shop? I haven’t noticed it anywhere (I live in Ulsan). Love to try this product!!

    1. Yep it’s Banila Co! There weren’t any around where I lived either (in Guri), but in more built up areas (for me, that was Myeongdong, Sinsa, Hongdae — all the usual suspects), you’ll find it 🙂 It’s worth a visit just for this essence!

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