My Skinfood Haul: Feeding My Korean Skincare Addiction

Hi folks!

I don’t think it even needs an introduction anymore… I have a bit of a thing for Korean cosmetics. Like, a lot. In my defence, there are countless skincare and makeup shops here, and for the unprepared it can be a bit overwhelming at first. As in, you won’t know what to buy and there are so many flashing lights and cute packaging and free things so you just buy EVERYTHING.

It’s a great system!

As I have been here for a little while now, I have become slightly more immune to the endless temptations and regular sales these brands have. I’ve calmed down… for now. Also, I’m moving out of my little home soon to live with Gav, so I’m in a clutter-free mentality and am determined to use what I already have.

Which brings me to this Skinfood haul!

My Skinfood haul :)
My Skinfood haul πŸ™‚

The good thing about this haul of mine is that it looks worse than it is. I have photographic evidence (that I am yet to upload) of skincare hauls much worse than this, so really this is just a drop in the ocean. And the reason being is that only two of the products in the picture above were actually purchased; the rest were freebies.

Did I mention how much I love Korean cosmetics?!

Over here, it is absolutely normal to give samples with every purchase. All the time. This little perk is pretty different to back home, where the high-end brands will give you samples (if you butter them up and ‘click’ with them) but your average mid-to-low end lines won’t. Nuh-uh, not here. That ish just won’t fly, guuurrrl. We get freebies, and all the time!

(Of course, it does still depend who is working at the time, and if the manager is there, etc… but in general they are very generous!)

I just recently opened the Skinfood Mandarin & Parsley EssenceΒ the other day, and my skin has been thanking me for it since. If you’re wondering what an essence is, don’t worry – so am I! A post on the Korean skincare routine is warranted, as it is a confusing beast and as long as the bible. Seriously, the standard skincare routine over here is like an onion: it has serious layers (and it makes me wanna cry!).

Basically, an essence provides a higher concentration of nutrients for your skin than some of the other layers of moisturiser. Let’s leave it at that for now! I’m not super keen on the fragrance of this essence, but I looove how it feels. This post is not really a review post, but one will be coming soon because I am really happy with this product!

Milk Coconut Jam Make Up Remover and Parsley & Mandarin Essence
Milk Coconut Jam Make Up Remover and Parsley & Mandarin Essence

I’m yet to try the Milk Coconut Jam Makeup Remover, but I love how it felt in the shop. It basically turns to an oil and is used to gently remove your makeup. I might actually start using it tonight because this cold weather is perfect for oily products such as this!

Oh, and I am going to start doing a weekly post on the samples I have accrued so far. It is actually out of control. I have lost control of my life! I have been to Skinfood a number of times, and honestly the amount of samples I have received is insane. I have not used them nearly enough, and this is not acceptable! Apart from the thrill of a freebie (which is most important, let’s be honest) they are actually useful to test and review products for future use, so keep your eyes peeled for my weekly posts πŸ™‚

(Also, if you have any samples you would like to see reviewed first, please leave a comment below and I will try my best to prioritise it!)

My Skinfood samples! So small but so exciting
My Skinfood samples! So small but so exciting

My samples:
Watery Berry Eye Cream
Watery Berry Blending Cream
Black Sugar Perfect First Serum
Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum
Fresh Apple Pore Cream
Fresh Apple Peeling Gel
Black Pomegranate Voluming Serum and gift set, which includes: the Black Pomegranate Toner and Emulsion;
Royal Honey Hydro Essence
– and a box of makeup remover pads. Phew!

I feel like I have just run a marathon – except I most certainly haven’t! My Korean skincare addiction is alive and well, for any of you who were concerned. I’m at the mercy of my obsession and I’m doing just fine πŸ™‚

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, reviews are coming soon!

Speak to you soon,

Steph x

  1. Ooh, that makeup remover sounds intriguing. I feel like oily products are the best for removing makeup. I love how generous they are with the samples over there… it’s smart though, because samples really can get you hooked! I go through the massive pile of samples I’ve accumulated every month and force myself to try a few, and I’ve discovered some interesting new products that way. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes I never would have guessed it! Seems so counterintuitive to me… but it works. And yes I’ve been hoarding samples, it’s a problem! I actually saw your Use It or Lose It posts and might just have to do the same. Its a great idea πŸ™‚ I want to do a weekly sample review (aka actually finish one each week) but I think it’s past that point! Need to get moving hehe. Thanks so much for your comment πŸ™‚

  2. Black sugar first serum is my first choice if you’re going to rev something (: I love first serums (these are often used like asian toners, from my experience, or at least that’s what I do with them). What an insane haul for only 2 purchases, I need to move to Korea!

    1. Oh great, consider it done! πŸ™‚ I haven’t used any first serums yet but I am intrigued. And yes I did well on this Skinfood haul! They are usually pretty generous, I’m sure you’d love it here πŸ™‚ thanks for your comment and keep your eyes out for that review soon!

    1. Hehe it’s so smooth and creamy and it smells delicious! You can try mine first if you like miss πŸ™‚ thanks for your comment! β™₯

    1. Haha yes it’s terrible and amazing at the same time. You are brave to try and limit yourself! I let myself run free, although I am mainly partial to Nature Republic and Skinfood, so yummy. It’s not our fault there’s too many amazing things to choose from! Glad you enjoyed it ^^

    1. Oh my gosh I was just looking at/smelling this the other day! I have been going on a rampage trying to clear out all my products, and I have decided to star using this again. It smells so amazing, and it feels so luxurious on my skin. I don’t really know why I stopped! I just used it a couple of times but my rediscovery and your reminder has prompted me back onto it πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you posted, thanks for your comment! <3

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