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Today I thought I’d share a little love, do a little dance… and blog tonight?! Something along those lines. I feel like I’ve been slightly out of touch of the blogging Scene and haven’t really been sharing the blogs and posts that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Until now! 

As an avid reader and clicker on the internet, I’ve happened to find a few good blogs and posts in my time. The sort of posts that


Okay, obviously since my last post, you’ll know that I’m big into reclaiming my introvert status. I happened to stumble upon this post, 8 Reasons To Be Thankful You’re An Introvert and it basically explains my life.

As I’ve gotten older, I think I’ve also become a lot more accepting of my not-so-latent introvert tendencies which have always caused some confusion or incongruence in my life.

2. “WRITE EPIC SHIT” by fizzle

This post restored my faith in humanity blogging — because it reaffirms my commitment to quality content. As I currently work in content marketing, I’ve always felt like content was king, but that the people around me didn’t necessarily agree. Being completely open to differing opinions and healthy discussion is one thing; but I find it quite difficult to reconcile the need for quality content with some other decisions that are made (and yes, I’m being deliberately vague).

This post honestly made me feel all warm and fuzzy (fizzly?) inside and reaffirmed that I was on the right path. It also reinspired me to write epic shit for this blog of mine. I really respect and appreciate my readers (that’s you!), and I want to honour your loyalty by providing the best, most valuable and most interesting/inspiring/hopefully funny content that I can. It’s all love.

Blog inspiration


You know those people who you could genuinely imagine being friends with — even though you’ve never met them? Anna is one of those people. I’ve been watching her YouTube videos for a while now, and I always click on them first because she’s just so darn likeable. I also love that she intertwines personal stories into her blog posts — as she would say, she’s just a total babe.


The thing I love about Hayley’s blog is that she’s always willing to be honest in her writing. I’ve read so many of her “Wittering Wednesday” posts, in which she explains and opens up about her experiences in the beauty blogging world, and provides a lot of valuable advice to bloggers trying to do the same. She’s no-BS and lovely at the same time — the perfect combo!


You might be looking at that name and thinking “WTF does that mean?” but let me break it down for you: it means “I’m an American” in Korean (and then romanised). Megan Bowen created her YouTube channel a few years ago when she moved to Korea, and it’s been blowing up ever since. I follow her on Snapchat and find her to be really funny and genuine. I guess this is more of a video favourite than blog favourite but… who really cares?!

The thing I love about Megan is that she really immersed herself in Korea and is now fluent in Korean. She’s doing stuff on TV and has loads of Korean friends, and I think it’s just awesome. As someone who never fully picked up Korean (but did try loads of new Korean things with an open mind), this is something I really admire.

And that’s it for today — I’m sure more posts will come to mind once I hit “publish”, so there may just be a follow up post soon!

How about you? I’m always up for blog recommendations — let me know your faves in the comments 🙂

Steph x

  1. Thank you for featuring me 🙂

    I also agree that content is king, but so many other people always state pictures as the important part of a blog. Personally, I can go look at a lipstick in Boots, but Boots can’t tell me what you think about it, or make me laugh/smile/cry. I am all about the words.

    Hayley – Tea Party Beauty

    1. No worries — I love your blog 🙂 Your Wittering Wednesday posts have really helped to clarify a lot of blogging questions I’ve had in the past, so thank you!

      I love your Boots analogy — and it’s so true! So many blogs survive based on their content alone, even if they don’t look like much (often super minimalist). I am also all about the words; it’s lovely to have someone who understands 🙂

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