Sample Sunday feat. Mizon, Tony Moly and more!

Y’all know what time it is, right? All week I work hard, striving to use up at least a fraction of my exorbitant amount of samples. Stashing them in an acrylic Muji container, every Sunday I review my hoard and report to you, my faithful readers. While it’s not technically hard work (at all), I do take it very seriously… so let’s get into it! 

Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream

I was really excited to use this one, as I received a bunch of Mizon samples in a Gmarket haul a while ago, but never used them. I had heard a lot about the Snail Cream, but nothing about this one. Well, let me tell y’all about it instead. As its name suggests, it is a gel cream, as seen here:

Mizon's Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream
Mizon’s Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream

It smells really clean, but almost… alcoholic? I highly doubt there’s alcohol in there (although I don’t have a list of ingredients) but that’s what it reminds me of. Sort of fresh and quite heavily perfumed. In terms of texture, it is a lightweight gel that absorbs quickly into the skin.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Cream

I was so excited to try this one! Although I’m not the biggest Tony Moly fan, I do want to try more of their stuff. This store is so popular in Korea, and I think I just didn’t try enough when I was there. Towards the end of my time in Korea, I started buying a few more things, and I really loved some of them, such as the Floria Whitening Capsule Essence. So… I may be buying more from them in the future!

Anyway, as you can tell from its name, this cream contains snail mucin which generally tells you it’s going to be very nourishing. Check! I felt pretty luxe putting this on, and my skin loved it too. It has an almost lemony scent, which I wasn’t expecting, but it’s quite pleasant all the same. I think this is from one of their “higher-end” lines, and it really was a treat to use.

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream

I have a whole bunch of samples from this line, and I’ve heard so much about them, but just never got round to trying them. Until now! It does have a slight apple scent, as you’d expect, but not as strong as I was anticipating. It has quite a light texture and I would classify it more as a gel, and it almost feels like a pore minimising primer (given the name, that sort of makes sense). It was ok, but not one I would be dying to purchase again.

My samples of the week :)
My samples of the week 🙂

Skinfood Agave Cactus Cream (Hydrating)

I received two of these samples when I visited the Skinfood store here in Malaysia, and I had never heard of this line until I arrived here. It’s for dry skin, which my skin seems to have become since living in this air-conned paradise. It’s a struggle managing the oil and the dryness, but I’m trying!

Anyway, this cream has more of a gel-like texture (seems to be a theme today!), and it almost feels silicone-y for some reason. I like the scent of this one, although I can’t quite put my finger on it! Agave cactus, maybe? I’m not sure if this is the best one for my skin type, as it felt like there was a layer sitting on top… but it could be perfect for someone else!

Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Cream

I loooooove this cream. It’s so amazing! This whole line is really, so I’m always happy to use a Snail Solution sample. This is a really rich, hydrating cream that somehow doesn’t feel too heavy or make me too greasy. Magic? Perhaps. It also smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft when I wake up. Can’t recommend this enough!

So that’s my yield for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed having a look through my finished samples – I’m pretty proud of myself!

Happy Sunday 🙂

Steph x

  1. Happy Sunday, Steph!

    I didn’t go to church today. Wasn’t feeling too well (crampy).

    I had a sample of Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Cream by Skinfood as well and LOVE it. I received another one with an order I received in the mail several weeks ago. I planned to try Skinfood’s Apple Sparkling Line—-just for the smell. I know, not the best reason, right? I got into another Korean skin care line, so it might be a while before I try the Apple Sparklling Line.

    Great Sample Sunday review. I enjoyed it as usual. 🙂

    Have a great week, Steph! 🙂

    1. Hello lovely! Yep I love apple scented anything, I’m actually keen to try Innisfree’s Juicy Apple Cleansing Oil. I’ve heard lots of rave reviews, so that may be next on my list! Thanks for your kind wishes, I hope you’re having a beautiful week too 🙂

      1. Hi Steph!

        I had Innisfree’s Apple Juicy Apple Cleansing Oil. I purchased the full size along with the Apple Juicy Eye & Lip Makeup Remover last August—-I used up all of it in March. I wasn’t using it every day, so it lasted me a long time. Anyhow, get the Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing oil, and I guarantee that you will love it. It smells REALLY good! If you like oil makeup removers, this one will be a keeper! The Apple Juicy Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is great too, I just wish that it came in a bigger size. I ended up ordering two Apple Juicy Eye & Lip Makeup Removers, so that they would last me a while—I wear makeup everyday.

        Take care, Steph! 🙂

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