A Small Gmarket Haul from Back in Korea

When I was in Korea, I got really into Gmarket. For any of you that don’t know, Gmarket is a wonderful (online) place where you can make yourself happy by buying things. It’s a wonderful thing, and although I was a slow adopter, I soon learnt of its amazing ways. 

One little haul in particular really impressed me, and it is this one from Etude House. In Korea, all of the makeup brands/shops have sales ALL THE TIME. It’s actually one of the most difficult things about buying Korean cosmetics outside of Korea. It just breaks my heart, it does. However, I can sleep soundly knowing that I made the most of my time with the abundant sales and that I really tried my best to buy EVERYTHING… and I came pretty close.

These three babies are actually two items that I ordered, plus a freebie. Great, right? I ordered the Any Cushion in Mint (to counter redness) and the Color My Brows in #4 Natural Brown. I now realise that this is a huge ripoff of Benefit’s Gimme Brow that is all over the blogs at the moment… but hey, it’s still super cute!

Etude House's Color Me Brow
Etude House’s Color My Brows

Here’s a little swatch I prepared earlier…

Colour My Brows #4
Colour My Brows #4

To be honest, I’m quite the n00b when it comes to eyebrows, and even with this nifty little item, that fact has not changed. I tend to paint it on too heavily and it just makes my face look weird… can anyone help with this? I have relegated this product to the depths of my cupboards for now, but perhaps a revival will come one day.

As for the Any Cushion, it is still unopened and just arrived in my huge “haul” from Korea (aka my stuff that Past Me sent Future Me). I purchased the Mint one because I tend to get super red, super quick, and this is meant to neutralise that. I will report back when I’ve actually tested it out!

And last but not least, is the Milky You Cleansing Foam. This was actually a deluxe sample, and one of the reasons I was so impressed with Gmarket. Of course, when you make a purchase at any Korean cosmetics store worth their salt, you are gifted with samples, but I didn’t think this would happen as much with online shopping – and certainly not with a deluxe sample. Maybe I’m easily pleased, but I was very chuffed with this!

I must say, I’m also very happy with all this Korea reminiscing that’s going on… feels like home 🙂

What have you been loving/hauling recently? Let me know!

Steph x

  1. Hey girl! Well, my latest hauls have been Korean hand creams. I’m already in love with The Face Shop’s Fruit Ball Lemon hand cream. The thing about these hand creams is that they come in adorable packaging—they are all shaped like fruit! I love it. I just ordered the Blueberry one. Can’t wait to see how it smells!

    I just got my second Lemon hand cream by The Face Shop in the mail today, along with a Pear Hand Cream by a company called Saem. It comes in a nice packaging shaped just like a pear, of course. Too cute. It doesn’t quite smell like a pear to me—more like Aloe, but it still smells really nice. I’ve already ordered a second one and I’m getting the apple one as well.

    There is one more hand cream that is on the way by a brand called YET. It’s the “Handrella” series and I ordered—you guessed it—-the BLUEBERRY one. Lol! There’s one more scent that this series come in, and that is Honey. I might try that one later. The packaging has no unique shape, but there’s an adorable drawing of a cute (and “grumpy”) looking girl on it.

    I’m sorry for the long post, but there’s no one else I can share Korean stuff with! Lol!! 🙂

    1. Don’t know why but I just spotted your comment and read it 😛 I’m also a Korean cosmetics lover. It’s cool if you also have a blog and we could share information and our love to Korean stuffs together ^^

      1. I don’t have a blog. 🙁 I tried having one a few years ago, but it didn’t really work out. I would like to be able to post decent pictures on my blog if I had one. Me not having a camera makes it a problem.

        If you have a blog, we could share on yours. I have A LOT of Korean skin care products and some cosmetics.

    2. Oh I love all Korean hand cream packaging! I’ve seen pandas and puppies and every other animal you can think of, as well as flowers, nuts… the works. They are the best! The lemon ones sound good – my favourite desert is lemon tart so that sounds very promising hehe. I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of them 🙂

      And no need to apologise, I love long comments! Great to hear from you 🙂 xxx

  2. Oh my goodness! How did I forget? There is an adorable set of hand creams that I just purchased from BUYINCOINS that come in packaging shaped like cute little owls! I ordered the Blue (Cherry) one and the Green (Aloe). I cannot wait to use these adorable little owls.

    Did I mention that I LOVE owls? Lol! I’m always delighted whenever I hear them at night in my neighborhood. They never stay for long, though. 🙁 I wonder why?

    Anyhow, until next time…..

    1. Haha owl-shaped products are always so cute – I have an owl tshirt, necklace, notebook… they’re just adorable! I haven’t heard owls in real life though, that’s really cool ^_^

  3. I had an Etude House eyebrow mascara and it just didn’t work on me. The texture is suck and kinda weird :-s I had to take off excess amount of product on the brush by using a paper tissue and things went well to me. But it turns out running out so fast -.- Anw, I don’t think I’ll purchase any EH eyebrow product again 🙁

    1. Yeah mine made my brows look super weird! It was like I’d painted them on lol, it was just not flattering. I’d like to find a better product too, I’m keen to neaten my brows but it just scares me now :O

      1. Hahaha yeah :))) it’s a mascara so it’s supposed to neaten the brows but then turns out messy haha

  4. I love samples! I have a little bag of them which I delve into once in a while. beautynetkorea sends great little free ones! I will check out the brow stuff, looks like a good shade! xx

    1. Samples are da bomb! I’ve never tried beautynetkorea but I have heard of it and it sounds awesome… nooo don’t tempt me! Haha oh as if I need any encouragement 😉 xxx

      1. A Korean brand called TOSOWOONG aleays give samples whrn you order from them—-samples of only their products of course. This is a great brand. Their cosmetics are suppose to be good too—-I haven’t tried the cosmetics, only the skincare products.

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