All of My Stuff From Korea Finally Arrived and I Think I’m Going to Pass Out

My shizz, yo
My shizz, yo

Just wanted to give y’all a little update on my life. A few weeks ago, I was really missing Korea. Like, really really. I dragged Gav along to Sunway Pyramid Mall, simply to check out Skinfood and Nature Republic, and I was reminiscing about my adorable students and Korean food and, oh just everything. I even started crying in the mall – that was definitely a highlight! 

The good thing is, despite sometimes getting frustrated whilst actually living in Korea, the fact that I left on a good note means I have nothing but positive memories of the whole country and my experience there. That makes me feel really happy, because I feel like I came of age there, and I wouldn’t want anything to sour that feeling.

And then, just when I felt I couldn’t love Korea any more, my two huge boxes from Korea arrived.

Yep, that’s all my shizz from Korea that I sea-shipped over at the end of Feb. It took a while, yes, and I sometimes thought that my stuff had just disappeared down a vortex and was never going to be seen again, but no! It rocked up, battered and bruise but still carrying all my valuables (aka 90% Korean cosmetics) and for that, I that the Korean postage system with all my heart.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have all my stuff back. I have so many cosmetics to review now, it’s insane… but I like it. I’ve actually had heaps of parcels arrive for me recently, which you’re going to be hearing allll about dear reader, don’t you worry. Emulsions and scrubs and CC creams, oh my!

So yes, now I’m feeling a lot better about life, as my connection to Korea has been strengthened once more (and I’m surrounded by a hoard of beauty products, which I also quite like). Be prepared to hear more about this soon!

Happy Saturday y’all 🙂

Steph x

  1. Hi, Steph! I think of you every time I walk by your building 🙂 I miss you and so does Korea!

    1. Ahhhh Saebomi I miss you and Korea so much too! I really, really do. I’m thinking about coming in September/October… would you be around? Please say yes! I can’t stay away too long hehehe ^_^

      1. yay! yes,I should be around! let me know when the plan is firmed up 😉 Can’t wait to hear about your time in Malaysia (tho I’m already getting good updates from your blog) hehe ^^

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