Sample Sundays: feat. aromatica, Nature Republic and illi

Hi friends!

It’s time for another hybrid Sample Sundays featuring some of my (and perhaps your?) Korean brands. This week I have been working on a few full-sized products (yes, that is my idea of “work”), so I don’t have too many samples to show. However, there are a few things I want to have a yarn about, so let’s go!

This week's samples: aromatica, Nature Republic and illi
This week’s samples: aromatica, Nature Republic and illi

aromatica Natural Tinted Sun Cream
Recently I’ve been making a concerted effort to take care of my skin in the sun – and it’s a whole lot easier when the products feel good and don’t turn you into an oil slick, let me tell you! aromatica (stylised with a lower case ‘a’) is a brand I have really been wanting to try, as they don’t test on animals and… well, that’s the main one! I haven’t heard too much of them, but when I bought a whole bunch of Tim Tams at Olive Young for Chuseok gifts (I swear they weren’t all for me), the kind girl gave me a whole bunch of these babies. And I really like it! It’s basically a tinted moisturiser, except because it calls itself a “tinted sun cream” instead I feel like it offers more protection. Whether or not this is true, it does have a thicker consistency than most similar products, and the added colour means it works as an all-in-one base. And according to me, minimal makeup steps = win.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Toner
This product is from the same line as the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream (aka. The Product with the Longest Name Evah). This sample is from a while ago – somehow it slipped through my clutches, how…?! Anyway, it has the same scent as the cream, and that is a very good thing in my books. Y’all know I love that cream! It is a very liquid-y toner (as opposed to some that have a thicker consistency), so don’t be a n00b like me and spill it all over your hands and your bathroom sink. Because that wouldn’t be… very good. This is a refreshing, cooling toner and I like giving it a home… on my face.

illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion
This is a deluxe sample that came in a Memebox a while ago (that I bought “to review for the blog” but then didn’t actually do so… eep. This is why I need to declutter). This had a lemon-y scent to it and was really pleasant to use. This may sound odd but I actually really like this bottle: it’s a nice (cute) shape and is made of good-quality plastic. It just feels good to hold! Anyway, back to the cream – it smelt good and moisturised well. Two thumbs up from me! ^_^

All in all, these three products were a win in my books! Love it when that happens, don’t you?

That’s it for me this week! What samples are you using and/or loving? I’d love to hear in the comments 🙂

Steph x