Unboxing Memebox: Get It Beauty Box (April Korean Edition)

Hi friends!

If y’all remember this far back, last month I had my first experience with Memebox… and it wasn’t the best. I mean, it was okay, but nothing great. The fact that it had a MASSIVE bottle of Nivea body cream didn’t exactly help matters! However, I decided to jump back into the fire and ordered my second one, the April Korean edition.

If you are wondering why I’m calling it by the name of months and not a number like most reviews you see, this is because for the Korean boxes (only available to those living in Korea – and even then not to foreigners!) are organised strictly by their months. I realised this month that it was officially called the Get It Beauty Box by Memebox. Get It Beauty is a Korean beauty show (surprise!) which I watched for the first time on Youtube the other day and which is rather quite addictive. All the cosmetics stores here advertise if their products have been featured on this show, so I think it is a bit of a big deal in Korea. Although I am but a lowly waygook, I have pieced together this much!

My chocablock Get It Beauty Box by Memebox <3
My chocablock Get It Beauty Box by Memebox <3

These boxes also cost less than the global Memeboxes (16,500) and feature slightly different products, although the themes are similar and I often see the same products popping up but spread out over various Memeboxes. Oh, also don’t be a n00b like me and calle it ‘meme-box’ when it’s pronounced ‘Me-me-box’. It makes it sound like you are going to end up with some sorry box filled with ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger’ memorabilia. Nobody wants a meme-box!

So, why did I return? Well, this month I did something sneaky and actually waited until after the first boxes had been mailed. Actually, at the time I didn’t realise I was being sneaky and had just decided not to order it. But then I happened to check their site and on the day they mail out the boxes (at least on the Korean site – I actually can’t access the global website from here) they reveal everything that is in that box. Complete with an irresistible demonstration video of each individual product, set to soothing Korean guitar music. Swoon). Well, I thought the products in this box looked pretty good so I decided to go ahead and order it… plus I just love buying stuff.

To be honest, the thing that sold me on it was the inclusion of the Vichy sample. That and the Hanskin one. I had actually told myself when I was looking on their site that if there was something I really wanted, something really expensive or that I already wanted to try, then it would be okay to order it. Funnily enough, I have had my eye on Vichy products for a while and when I saw it here, well… what was I supposed to do?!

Vichy's Aqualia Thermal Night Spa. Mmm... luxe.
Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Night Spa. Mmm… luxe.

So what exactly is this magical Vichy product? It is the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa and it is something that I have actually tested and subsequently hovered around in my local Olive Young many a time. Korean women love their French brands, and there is a separate stand for Vichy, Avene, Uriage and Nuxe, separating them from the rest of the riff-raff. This is a sleeping mask which seems really moisturising but not too heavy or greasy. I’m just super excited to try out something by Vichy (could you tell?!) because it is an expensive brand that I probably wouldn’t indulge in for myself (but don’t hold me to that).

Next up is that cute little Hanskin package. This happens to be a sample of the Hanskin Ampoule B.B. For those of y’all in the dark about what an ‘ampoule’ actually is (I had no idea before I came to this wonderful land), it’s basically a type of serum with lots of active ingredients in it. They usually come in glass droppers, so as to prevent oxidisation, and they usually target specific skin concerns. In this case, the wonderful people at Hanskin have decided to mix two of my favourite things and made a BB cream/ampoule hybrid. I never actually used to wear BB cream but I have really gotten into the swing of things since being here! I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing (I used to just wear a mineral powder), but it sure is fun!

I didn’t really say much about the product just then, so let me say that I am excited to try this and I will report back with results soon ^^

My Memebox product lineup
My Memebox product lineup

Next up is that bright box with the sass. It’s Ellegirl’s I Say Gloss, You Say Tint. I actually opened this just last week (oops…) and I really love it. I tried it on pretty liberally, as I was just about to shower and take it all off anyway, and it is a divine bright red colour. It has a doe foot applicator which I used to get into all the corners of my mouth (not that there’s many…?) and it has a nice glossy texture that allows you to take your time when applying it. It is what I would call a Cruella DeVille red, and I like it!

Once I stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror, however, I realised I looked more like The Joker and proceeded to blot some onto some toilet tissue. This is when the magic really kicked in. Once the top layer of gloss was removed, it was a beautiful tint and the perfect colour for my lips. Apparently my lips are quite pink naturally (I don’t wanna brag, but…), but this one just added a deeper, strawberry shade that looked so natural. I really love it, and it is something I could wear to school without scaring the kiddies, too. Score!

Here is a pic of me with the muted-down version of this tint (right after school and a little bit tired):

Me and my tinted pout
Me and my tinted pout

It is super natural-looking but definitely just defines them a bit more. I haven’t yet taken on the Korean-style doll gradation tint (a little bit of tint in the inner part of your lips and then blending concealer outwards) but I may just work up to it with this one.

Next up, that giant pink bottle in the centre. That is none other than Mise en Scene’s Curling Essence 2x. I haven’t used this yet so I really can’t talk about its efficacy, but I am quite excited to try this. It’s giant, it’s pink – what else could I want?!

Another product which I am really happy with in this Memebox is 식물나라 (which translates to Plant Kingdom or Plant… Land? There’s no English name so really not sure!) The Rich Snow Foam. I love the idea of a soft, creamy mousse and this one is actually really fun to use. Just the other night I decided to use it for the first time, and before I did I had a click around on Memebox’s site and found some Korean reviews on Naver blogs. Naver is the Korean equivalent to Google, and is used for everything here. I think it’s the only country in the world where Google isn’t no.1. But anyway! So I found one review where the girl had real high-def pictures of the foam and had put a really heavy layer on her face, and it just looked so fun!

식물나라 (Plant Kingdom) The Rich Snow Foam - ooooh lathery!
식물나라 (Plant Kingdom) The Rich Snow Foam – ooooh lathery!

I’ve been using this recently and I can report: it is as much fun as it looks. Smooth, creamy and voluptuous! It feels really rich and cleanses really nicely without drying out my skin. Really happy with this!

I’m also really happy with the two items from Botanic Hill boh, the Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence and the Moist Youth Ampoule Essence. Last month, Olive Young was having a promotion on this brand and I was this close to buying their CC cushion. I restrained (how?!) but have been a bit curious about it ever since. Of course, I love all the ampoules and essences Korea has to offer, so these two hybrid products sound amazing.

Last but not least is the illi Green Tea Brightening Mask, which is a sample included in the box. I always love a good sheet mask and I am happy to try something different. I have figured out that Memebox/Get it Beauty have a bit of a deal with Olive Young, as a lot of the Memebox products are also available exclusively in Olive Young. I don’t have a problem with this, just something to note! In my last Memebox, they also included the illi Cleansing Oil and Foam duo, so they are definitely on the promotion trail for this brand. And rightly so, as I know nothing about it and it could probably do with some attention!

Soooo, here is the round up of things I received in this Memebox:

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa
    Full size 75ml: 34,000; Sample size 15ml: 6,800
  • Hanskin Ampoule BB
    Full size 25ml: 32,000; sample size 4.5ml: 5,760
  • Mise en Scene Curling Essence 2x
    Full size 150ml: 10,000
  • ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss
    Full size 10ml: 12,000
  • 식물나라 (Plant Kingdom) The Rich Snow Foam
    Full size 120ml: 10,000; sample size 60ml: 5,000
  • Botanic Hill boh Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence and Moist Youth Ampoule Essence
    Full size 50ml: 28,000; sample sizes 4ml & 5ml: 2,240 + 2,800 = 5,040

Total value: 44,600
illi Green Tea Brightening Mask sample!

I was really happy with this Memebox and it sorta sealed my fate for future Memebox purchases. Although it featured a lot of small samples, they were really good quality items and things I am very keen to try. Long story short: I am now a bit obsessed and have already ordered (and received!) the May box. There is also an offer on right now for discounted subscription rates… so I may just be ordering a 6-month subscription tomorrow. Yeahhh.

The thing with these boxes is that they do give you a good range of products, from different brands that I would never try, plus they also give you a few extra freebies/coupons/samples which are always appreciated. This box actually features coupons for 10% off the tint, foam and the two essences, plus 4,100 off the Vichy Night Spa. I am seriously considering purchasing this full size (despite not having yet tried it…) as I have heard only good things about this brand and it is never on sale. Only time will tell, but I think y’all know how this is going to end!

The other thing with these Memeboxes is that they are just so darn fun. I really look forward to receiving it and it is always a bit of a thrill to open one. This month I actually knew what I was getting, but it was still so exciting because as I mentioned, they throw in a few extra offers or specials and just checking out the products is great. The only down side to ordering the Korean version is that all of the descriptions are in Korean so i don’t always know exactly what to do with each product, but my good friend Google helps me out with that.

If you want more options to shop browse these beautiful things, have a look at:
Amazon | W2Beauty | Wishtrend | iBuyBeauti | KollectionK

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this Unboxing of my Get It Beauty Box by Memebox! I am certainly obsessed, so you can look forward to more of these in the future!

Until next time,

Steph x

    1. Haha yes I am so excited about it! I really like Hanskin too (or what little I’ve tried of it anyway). I shall let you know how I go 🙂 and yes I am getting addicted to Memebox… going to buy a 6-month subscription today! But they are having a sale, so what am I supposed to do?! 😉

  1. The April box looks great! I have watched this: http://youtu.be/QDZAvzBLqwU Botanic Hill (boh) products introduction video from Get It Beauty. I was really curious about their products and I’m glad to read that the ampoule and essences are working well for you.

    1. Yes I was really happy with this! I haven’t yet tried these ampoule essences but I tested their cushion and it felt soooo nice. I have high hopes for these two so I will let you know how I go! I am getting very into Get It Beauty too so I will check out your clip soon (currently at work hehe). Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. This is a really fab box! A lot of the beauty boxes in the US are in the $10-$20 range and honestly aren’t as good as this most the time. 😛 I got one of those tints from global Memebox and LOVED it! Mine was a pinkish color though, so I didn’t quite look like the Joker. At least I hope not…

    1. Yes I think it’s great too! I was really much happier with this one than the last one I got hehe. There’s some really good brands and a nice mix of products, and I agree that it’s really good value too. Lol with the tint, I think I was a bit keen and slathered it on after I’d been at work all day, and it just really stood out against the rest of my (non-existent) make-up. There’s a few photos that shall never see the light of day! Glad yours was a bit more forgiving, thanks for your comment(s)! ^^

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