Aaaaand It’s Another Nature Republic Haul From Me

Hi friends,

I have now reached the point where I have a backlog of Korean cosmetic haul posts to write, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, I mostly feel good, but I occasionally feel a bizarre twinge of guilt for spending so much (not that much) money on myself and feeding my vanity. However, at the same time, I justify it by remembering that I work long (fun) hours to make the money which affords me a lot of things here. Considering my dinner out last night was $5, I figure I can afford to indulge in the things I like. Plus, I’m an adult and I’m going to do it anyway so I should just embrace it and carry on and throw all my cares aside!

Which is why I have another Nature Republic haul for you today!

My epic Nature Republic Haul
My epic Nature Republic Haul

Y’all probably know that Nature Republic is my favourite Korean brand (god it feels good to write ‘favourite’ with a ‘u’) and I particularly love my friends at the Guri branch. It is a tiny store, and it doesn’t have the full range of products, but I don’t really care. It’s local, they’re so friendly and they are super generous with samples.

I actually was in Myeongdong last Saturday, which is the shopping centre (or one of them, at least) of Seoul. It’s permanently packed with people and I quite enjoy going there, although you really have to have the energy for it. However, it felt like the cosmetics stores I went to were a bit indifferent because there are just so many people there, and none of them gave any samples (except for a few times when a single sachet was already in the basket). And not all of these items were on sale! You may wonder why I’m going on about samples, but in Korea it’s standard to give samples and you start to notice when stores don’t.

Samples actually work on me, and more than just for trying out new products (which has happened numerous times as well). Mostly, I feel like it’s a sign of how much the brand values you as a customer and when they don’t dish them out abundantly it feels a bit stingy, despite the fact that it usually just comes down to the sale assistant at the time. However, the sales assistants at both the Nature Republic and Skinfood in Guri are amazing and have given me so many things to try, as have the girls at Holika Holika. I notice and appreciate this generosity and it entices me to come back and spend LOADS.

But moving on!

So a little over a week ago I oh-so-selflessly offered to take my friend shopping, because I am just so kind and clearly wouldn’t enjoy it otherwise. On the morning of our shopping trip, I happened to check Nature Republic’s website (as I do fairly often…) and they were having a sale! It was a sign from the gods and I took it to mean that I could go nuts in the store that night. Which is what I did.

The following is a list of all the things I purchased:

And for my samples, I received:

Phew! That took me a while to document that just now so I hope y’all enjoyed it! Let me just add that the eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, blusher and sky blue eyeshadow were purchased for my friend Natallia who is currently missing the amazingness that is Korean skincare. But the rest, well… let’s just say that my cupboards are filling up at a worrying pace. Also, while I received a fair few freebies here, when the manager isn’t there the girls have been known to dole out even more. Yes, it gets a bit out of hand… we have a very happy friendship!

As an aside, please don’t think I have forgotten about Sample Sundays! I haven’t, I’ve just been rugged up in bed for the past two days. It’s the Children’s Day long weekend over here, which means we have today and tomorrow off to make it a combined 4 DAYS OFF! I can barely believe it, working full time really makes you value your time off, and this break is just what I need. However, it seems that my body has also figured this out and decided to come down with a highly unpleasant cold just after my outing on Saturday night. Cue two days of bed rest, complete with a handsome delivery boy bringing me delicious and nutritious food. It could be worse, I spose! However, I am not in the mood (or in the physical state) to be taking pictures of myself, but let me just say that I really love the Nature Republic Super Origin CC Cream Tinted and my review will be up shortly!

That’s it from me for today, hopefully this post wasn’t as foggy as my head feels right now! See y’all soon,

Steph x

    1. Ohhh it’s the best. I just love (almost) everything they do. And they’re so nice! It must be love <3 (and I was sick for almost the whole holiday but it was a good excuse to put my feet up and relax!) Thanks for your comment once again! 🙂

    1. Hehe aww thanks! You know, I hadn’t quite thought about it yet (my mind is a scramble of beauty products and samples) but I might just have to now 😉 it actually smells divine, so rosy… you may have just given me an excellent idea! ^^

  1. oooh love to hear your thoughts on the Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydrogel Lip Patch! I see products like it around and am so intrigued! A review would be awesome xx

    1. Ooh okay I shall do! I think these things are so ridiculous/cute, so I think a photo of me wearing one is definitely warranted 😉 I am curious about them myself, will report back soon!

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