Winter is a-coming: reminiscing on spring, cherry blossoms and autumn in Korea

Hi everyone!

So it’s been a bit quiet on the eastern front over here in le Korea (well not really, but it feels like it) and part of that is because winter is upon us. Yes, friends, the time has finally come for us all to be thrown into the deep end and forced to endure sub-zero (apparently as low as -20 celsius) temperatures in the name of Korea.

Now, I am a white-skinned, flame-haired through-and-through Highlands girl (via Melbourne, of course) and am actually very comfortable in these low temps. Much more comfortable than the sweaty, sticky mess that was a Korean summer. However, on this very Saturday night, I am neither out traversing this magical city with friends, nor am I snuggled up inside with a loved one watching some quality television and drinking some amazing 5,000won wine. Nay, friends, I am instead sick with a heady, heavy cold and located in the isolation zone that is my tiny (but lovely) Korean apartment, sitting on the floor and writing these words, wearing a face mask looking like this:

Me looking beautiful
Me looking beautiful in my face mask

And it’s all just a little bit sad!

So, to try and cheer myself up, I thought I’d reminisce over the beautiful spring cherry blossoms and the stunning colours of autumn.

(Just as an aside, it felt damn good to write colours with a ‘u’ just then, and again just now… as it should be written!) 😉

In April of this year, which now feels like both yesterday and a lifetime ago, the winter finally gave way to spring and the cherry blossoms came out to play. My friends and I organised a trip to Yeouido Park, where there is the annual Cherry Blossom festival along the Han River. Most importantly, they had fairy floss!

Me at home with my fairy floss <3
Me at home with my fairy floss <3

Ironically, this year those cherry blossoms did not quite bloom in time or to the same extent as usual. It was a bit underwhelming except for the fact that: 1. We were going to the PSY concert after (a post to follow) and; 2. Guri’s cherry blossoms were in full force! On a random spring day, I had a wander around my new home town and this is what I found:

The Guri cherry blossom landscape
Korea's spring cherry blossoms #nofilter
Korea’s spring cherry blossoms #nofilter
The stunning cherry blossoms in Guri
The stunning cherry blossoms in Guri

Beautiful, aren’t they? Go Guri!

As well as witnessing the beauty of these natural wonders, this year we waygooks (foreigners) here in Korea were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous autumn. The air was clear, crisp and fresh; the colours on the leaves were brilliant and bold. It was so beautiful! We are still technically in autumn, however the leaves are now swiftly falling to the ground and a stiff chill is in the air. But for a few weeks, it was oh-so-beautiful…

Autumn at dusk
Autumn at dusk
The bright and beautiful colours of "fall"
The bright and beautiful colours of “fall”

I have just realised that more of my photos are on my D-SLR, which requires a midi cable yet-to-be ordered from Gmarket to transfer them onto here. Boo! In actual fact, I don’t have that many autumn pictures, I must have been too busy enjoying it with my eyes…

But I will leave you with one of me in my element: with a giant pink ribbon on my head, an iced mocha in my hand and surrounded by stunning natural beauty… This photo makes me happy 🙂 and it also makes me appreciate all the things that I have been lucky enough to experience this year. This post has given me energy to look forward to winter, Christmas, and also my brief trip home-ish to Perth. Many good things are to come 🙂

Me on the leafy street outside our school
Me on the leafy street outside our school

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Steph x