Scrub The Day Away With L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Scrub

I’ve never really been into scrubs. I always felt like it was a black or white thing: you’re either in or you’re out. Kind of the same with Thai massages: either you love your limbs being swiftly dislocated from your body one after the other… or you don’t. Being more of a gentle oil massage kind of girl (this is starting to sound a bit different to what I was expecting), the harshness of a scrub never really rang my bell.

Of course, that was until EVERYTHING CHANGED. And yes,  you may have guessed that it involved the L’Occitane Almond Shower Scrub (I kinda gave that one away).

It just so happened that Gav’s birthday was coming up, and of course I was struggling to think of what to buy for the man who has everything/wants for nothing. It’s hard, y’all. So I decided to go the luxe route: pick up all his fave physical products (for the digital man) and luxuriate in a bit of bougie goodness. Ain’t nothin’ better!

We happen to be particularly spoilt where we live, and have a local chemist which stocks L’Occitane products (aka the best kind of chemist). You know you’re living right when you can get L’Occitane down the street (plus free samples, oh yeah), but that’s by the by!

So anyway: Gav’s bday, gift-buying conundrum. I trotted down to the chemist and have the lovely taff help me out. When I say that, I mean I knew exactly what I wanted, and then they assisted in being lovely and also supplying said free samples. My kinda buying experience!

Of course, on the day, Gav was chuffed with his loot and it was a wonderful time. But that’s BESIDES THE POINT, PEOPLE.

The main star of the show here is this scrub, because golly gosh… does it scrub.

After using this, my skin felt baby smooth. BABY SMOOTH. Particularly noticeable on my face, because my aversion to scrubs means that I’m clearing not giving it a deep clean often enough… because the difference was huge.

There are so many things I love about this scrub; let me count the ways! First off, the packaging is bomb. It comes in a plastic tube which stands on its head — perfect for the shower. Then, it has a twist top to dispense the product, which means no fiddly lids/possibilities of dropping things in the shower and scraping yourself on the tap (not that I’ve ever done that). Good design is so pleasing to me!

Next, the fragrance. It has that classic “L’Occitane almond” fragrance, and by that I mean it basically smells like an almond croissant. And for somebody who’s not so into marzipan, this scent is surprisingly comforting to me. Takes me back to Paris, you know?

And finally, the consistency. This is where this product really shines. Honestly, I could do without the great packaging and croissant-y scent (although I obviously don’t want to), but I just couldn’t live with a scrub that scratches my supple skin. It would be a crime! And that’s my favourite thing about this scrub: it doesn’t actually scrub too hard. Genius, right?!

Instead, it’s made of a gel-like paste which has really fine particles encased in it, so you can gently remove dead skin without digging through your epidermis. Let me tell you, I was able to get baby-soft skin in a matter of minutes, and without feeling like I’d been sanded down!

Even though this scrub isn’t technically mine, it’s on my new favourites list. It’s also perfect when paired with the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil — one of my HG products. Love love love!

Have you tried this L’Occitane scrub, or anything else from the almond range?

Steph x