Sample Sunday: Nature Republic Collagen Dream Skin Booster & Emulsion

I’ve been loving Nature Republic for a damn long time now — and this ain’t changing. While I know there are myriad other K-beauty brands out there that are perhaps more sensible and high end, there’s just something so fun about the high street K-beauty brands. Plus, I actually like a bunch of their products, and the ladies in the Guri store were so sweet and used to give me mega samples… bless.

So of course, when I was back in Seoul in October, I made sure that my bae Sue and I stopped off in the Nature Republic in Sinsa, and also in Guri (obvi). We had booked an awesome Airbnb in Sinsa, right next to my favourite street, Garosu-gil, so the best shopping in Seoul was at my feet. And throughout it all, I was determined to get back to where it all began: Nature Republic.

I picked up a fair few goodies, and was given a nice little sample set, including the Nature Republic Collagen Dream 90 Skin Booster and the Collagen Dream 70 Emulsion. I am a bit of a sucker for these mini bottles: I find them super travel-friendly, convenient and just hella cute, really. And since we’ve been doing so much moving about, they’ve come in real handy.

Sample Sunday: Nature Republic Collagen Dream Skin Booster & Emulsion

Now, the term “skin booster” may sound a tad intimidating, but really it’s just like a Korean-style toner, almost veering slightly towards an essence, as well. The “90” in the name stands for the 90% marine collagen this product is made of. Not bad!

I apply this straight after cleansing, and it’s been giving me a much-needed moisture boost every morning and evening.

I remember my gal Tiffany from Sample Hime saying that collagen couldn’t actually be absorbed through the skin, so I’m always a tad hesitant about whether the collagen aspect really works… but nonetheless, I find this product to really calm and prepare my skin for the layers of moisture to come. It glides on easy and absorbs very quickly — whether this is the collagen or not, something’s working!

As for the emulsion, I haven’t been using one recently, so it was a nice little throwback to have one in rotation again. This emulsion is super creamy and smooth — with 70% comprising marine collagen, and also featuring acai palm. When combined with the skin booster, these two leave my skin feeling baby soft. And this is even before I’ve applied my face cream.

For a full list of ingredients, check here for the skin booster, and here for the emulsion.

Here’s a little swatch of both — the skin booster above, the emulsion beneath:

Sample Sunday: Nature Republic Collagen Dream Skin Booster & Emulsion

I will say that these babies are quite heavily fragranced (as a lot of high street brands tend to be), so if this is an issue for you, beware. However, I do have very sensitive skin and found that these worked just fine on me, so… there’s that.

Overall, the Collagen Dream line seems non-irritating, super moisturising and nourishing, and fast absorbing. I didn’t feel too greasy or heavy with these on, and feel like they may have helped to calm my chronically dry skin from the dusty land of Australia. Love!

I’m gonna leave it here for today — short and sweet! Have you tried these, or any other products from the Collagen Dream line? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Steph x



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