What’s Been Happening?

Hi friends,

Happy 2016! Gong xi fa cai! … And all that good stuff. I’ve been meaning to write on my beautiful lil’ blog for ages, but have weirdly been prioritising work (what’s with that?) and also some “me time”, which was much-needed after a busy Dec/Jan period. 

Let me give you a recap of what’s happened since we last spoke:

  • Christmas (obvs) — no tree or gifts, but we did have a lovely lunch with friends
  • We had our friends come to visit, which was amazing. Timeline looked something like: first friend landed Christmas night; two more friends landed on the 26th; two more on the 27th, and; one more on the 28th (this is not a joke). So you know… it was relatively spaced out and calm.
  • We all hung out and had a great time, travelled to Sekeping Serendah, Ipoh and Penang
  • New Year’s Eve (spent on a rooftop… not too bad)
  • Our friends left on the 6th; we flew to Australia on the 7th
  • Landed in Perth, saw my grandma and uncle, aunt & cousins; Gav met my grandma for the first time, hung out in beautiful Scarborough
  • Flew to Melbourne, spent time with my parents and worked remotely for a few weeks
  • Flew back to KL, resumed work at the office & hilarity ensued

Here’s a fancy pic I took in Scarborough:


So that’s it in a nutshell — with some obvious bits glossed over. But honestly, I’ve been dying to blog here and tell you about so much… in more detail. I’ve been trying SO many Korean beauty products, finishing so much stuff (thinking about filming an empties video…) and just eating so much goddamn food that I’d like to share with the world. All the things!

I will say, being home in Australia definitely made me appreciate the beauty of the avocado. I ate a lot of meals that looked like this:


Isn’t that just beautiful? This particular dish was served at Organik Lane in Bentleigh — a new hipster cafe that actually walks the walk. This was divine, and I swear I could almost taste the vitamin E from all that avo!

So now… I’ve decided I need to get into a regular rhythm with writing, otherwise I go a little bit insane. One thing that often stops me is photos; I’m a perfectionist and I don’t like to take photos in bad light, but I guess it’s better to have imperfect pictures rather than no post at all.

I think I’ll be starting with an empties post, and possibly some reviews of the bajillion products I’ve been trying recently. Let me know if there’s anything particular you’d like to see — I’m all ears!

Steph x