The Status of My Korean Beauty Clearout

Hey y’all!

So those of you that know me (which is most of you reading this right now!), you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing for Korean cosmetics. Like, a lot. I’ve tried, and I’ve tried to break the hold, but to no avail. I just keep coming back for more. There’s something about the continual search for perfection inherent to the rapidly-growing and constantly-evolving Korean beauty market that just drives me wild.

But… when is too much too much

This seems to be something I’m constantly struggling with, and I can’t quite seem to find the balance between buying nothing and hauling every goddam product on the market. And honestly, you could buy a lot of products and still none of them would be the same. There’s so much variety and splendour and fragrance and fun in K-beauty products, there really is an unlimited, neverending selection to choose from.

The only problem is, you need to find a way to house all of this stuff — and also to use all of it up. It’s this second part that I have the most trouble with.

For example, I recently realised that my eye makeup remover lasted me four months. Four months. This was a small bottle (and non K-beauty, to my shame), and by the end I couldn’t wait to be done with it. However, this does bode the question: how the heck are you supposed to use everything up?

Now, in case you think I’m getting too serious, please know that I take a great deal of satisfaction from using up a product, which has lead to me recently getting a bit too into watching ‘Empties’ videos. In fact, there is one coming on this very channel this week! Mwahahaha. So the whole point of this long and rambly intro was to update you on the status of my Korean beauty clearout, which I detailed here and which I’ve been trying with all my might to stick to… at least a little bit.

The empties coming up in my video are actually mostly Western products, which pleases me greatly because I have a bit of a dream to have only Korean products in my stash. At the same time, I want to minimise said stash. See my conundrum?

Here are a few products that I am (joyfully) in the process of using up:

I am pretty proud about this status and will hopefully be reporting back with some of these as empties soon! Nothing brings me greater jot. Truly… nothing.

I’ve probably got a little too into using stuff up, and so I’m trying to take the time to appreciate these beautiful products as well. But honestly… is there any greater feeling than the empty bottle of a (former) beauty product? I don’t think so

In the meantime, I’d love to know what you been using and loving, or just loving using up. Feed my strange and unwholesome addiction! Feed it!

Steph x

  1. It’s like an AB Project Pan 😀 I love it! I dream of using up a blush and seeing its pan. I know it’s silly, but I feel like it’d be EVEN MORE satisfying than the magical empty bottle because powder makeup is so hard to use up! 🙂
    I am personally trying to use up an I’m From Vitamin Tree Gel that is not moisturizing enough for me! I am having a hard time doing so because you only need a little for your whole face lol 🙂

    1. Hehe yeah it’s so satisfying isn’t it? I dream of finishing products too, it just makes my day in a way that nothing else can! 😉

      Oooh I really want to try something from I’m From. How was that gel? Not that I need any inspiration for new products to buy… 😉

      1. It’s not doing anything for me to be honest! If you try anything for I’m From, I’d recommend you rather the Honey Mask which, like a lot of people, I adore!! 😀

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