Sample Sundays feat. Hanskin, banila co, Soy Bio+ and more!

Hey y’all! It’s Sunday, so that means… it’s time to get wild. Let’s go through my sample stash and see what I loved this week (hint: a lot). Also, it’s all Korean this time! Yeahhhh boi. Let’s go! 

Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule B.B. SPF30 PA++

I received this cute little sample in a Memebox from way back when, and I held onto it for a long ass time. Recently, I’ve gone on another tirade to clear out my stash, because it’s still ridiculous — even though I haven’t bought anything for a long time.

Anyway, this little BB cream turned out to be a great sample, and I really enjoyed using it. It’s got quite a heavy coverage (it reminds me of the Missha BB cream), but it’s also very natural looking. As it’s so hot here in Malaysia, I thought this would stick to my skin and make me look oily… but somehow it didn’t. Really impressed with this!

Soy Bio+ Fermented Lumpoule

I LOVE THIS STUFF. I received this sample in a Memebox (miss those things!) and didn’t really know what to make of it at first. I mean, what the heck is a “lumpoule”? I’m still not 100% sure, but I used it as a lightweight essence. It’s so light yet moisturising. It didn’t irritate my skin in the slightest, and it left my face feeling so soft and hydrated. Really, really like this stuff. Would definitely purchase the full size version!

I actually just Googled it and came across this review by FanServiced who came to the same conclusion that this stuff is amazing. It’s official! Fermented ingredients and zero acne triggers, what’s not to love?!

My all-Korean samples haul :)
My all-Korean samples haul 🙂

banila co It Radiant Brightening Cream

I initially thought this was going to be a makeup product, but it’s actually skincare. Well, perhaps it’s somewhere in between, as it is moisturising but also quite dewy and light-reflective. I used this in the morning before applying my makeup, and I think it helped to give me that “Korean glow”. This could be a bit heavy for some people if you were after more of a matte look, but as the first product I’ve tried from banila co, I was pleasantly surprised.

Witch’s Pouch Real Skin Moisture Ampoule Base

Another Memebox gift, another unknown brand that turned out to be really great. This was also another skincare/makeup hybrid, as it’s an ampoule but also a good base for makeup. Basically, it’s a clear essence that smells amazing and keeps your skin soft and hydrated. I haven’t heard anything about this brand but would be keen to try more after this little pearl.

Nature Republic Bee Venom Emulsion — previously reviewed here

illi Total Aging Care Cleansing Oil — previously reviewed here

illi Total Aging Care Cleansing Foam — previously reviewed here

Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam — previously reviewed here

And that’s it all for me, once again! I have recently been such a fiend trying to finish all my samples — it’s getting a little out of control. I have once again realised just how much stuff I have, and even though I’m finishing products, it just never seems to end! I’m not complaining, but I get such a sense of satisfaction from finishing products and consolidating my stash. My current dream is for all of my products to be Korean, or at the very least ones that I really love.

I figured I’ll work through my samples and then focus more on my full sized products. Of course, I use my regular products everyday, and then throw in a few samples here and there. I just really want to use through my products because I went on a huuuuge spending spree a while ago and I’m now trying to clean up my act. There really is a method to my madness!

Until next time,

Steph x