A Little Review of Missha The Style Beautiful Tint (Yes, That’s the Name)

When I was teaching English in Korea, I also had to teach elementary school students along with the cute kindergarten kids. This happened in the afternoon, after having taught what felt like a lifetime with energetic (but adorable) young children, and so there often wasn’t much gas left in the tank for these guys. So, when the students were good, you noticed.

One student I had was particularly lovely and an absolute pleasure to teach. Her name was Sarah, and she singlehandedly made my afternoons bearable. Some of the other “disruptive students”, let’s call them, were not quite as wonderful, but Sarah was an angel on earth.

What all this is leading up to is that on Teacher’s Day, Sarah (of course), got me a gift. Actually, a number of other students did too (bless their cute souls), but perhaps she just stands out in my mind as being particularly awesome. Nonetheless, she gifted me two Missha lip products, and it was a pretty exciting moment for me. Not gonna lie, presents are always awesome, and I haven’t actually been given many Korean beauty products as presents (been too busy buying them myself.

Soon what I’m trying to say is, I’m going to show you one of these today! And that is the Missha The Style Beautiful Tint in Moist Coral (that’s the translation and I’m sticking to it). Have a look here:

Missha The Style Beautiful Lip Tint in Moist Coral
Missha The Style Beautiful Lip Tint in Moist Coral


This line from Missha seems to be targeted at a slightly more sophisticated age range than most other K-beauty brands, which I feel is Missha’s thang. Even the design of the store felt more mature – no cutesy pink houses or animal-shaped products here, no ma’am! While I’m all for the cuteness, there is something refreshing about sleek, streamlined packaging, which you can see here.

The brush is really fine, which makes it easy to apply. The actual product is quite thin, as a lip tint is supposed to be able to be built up or just applied lightly if you prefer. Of course, in Korea the gradient lip is all the rage, so you need something that blends easily in order to make this work. This product does just that.

Have a closeup look at the brush here:

The Missha Beautiful Tint brush up close
The Missha Beautiful Tint brush up close

In this photo, the product looks thicker than it is, and also brighter than it comes off, too. Don’t worry, your lips aren’t going to turn bright coral once you apply it. It’s actually interesting how much more muted down it is than what it first appears. Again, I really like the fine brush because it feels like I’m painting my lips (which is novel!) and I can be much more precise than using a regular lipstick or lipgloss.

So… how does it look?

Have a looksee here:

Me and the tint :)
Me and the tint 🙂

As you can see, it’s really natural-looking (unlike my pose, lol) and provides a nice subtle addition of colour. I really think this would be the perfect product to use for a gradient style lip, but also if you just want to wipe something on your lips and be done with it (that’s my general modus operandi). It’s a really pretty colour though, and I think this would be flattering on a range of skin tones.

One thing I will say about this product is that it does dry my lips out a bit. I mean, I can always stand to drink more water, but this one will heighten that. You can put a bit of lip balm over it so relieve this, as I find the feeling of dry lips saaaa uncomfortable! It applies quite creamily, but once it sets, you’ll need to keep your lips hydrated.

Overall, this is a really nice, budget-friendly lip tint that you can use to do a Korean-style gradient lip, or just as a really flattering wash of colour. The options are endless! I love products that you can just apply and forget about (in the best possible way), and this lip tint is super low maintenance and drama-free – just like my angelic Sarah <3

You can check out Missha’s The Style Beautiful Tint here 🙂

Steph x

    1. Yes she was! Really made my days so much brighter. And yep, the lip tint ain’t bad either hehe 🙂

    1. Yeah! When I was there at least, and I doubt it’s changed too much in the past few months (although you never know with K-beauty).

      Honestly, even here in Malaysia when I see a Korean girl, I recognise she’s Korean solely from the makeup style ^_^ I love it too! I need me a signature style like that 😉

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