Sample Sunday Feat. A Billion Samples

You know what time it is! This week’s edition of Sample Sunday features a huuuuge amount of samples, which I’m pretty happy about. There’s just something about using things up that tickles my fancy! There also seems to be a bit of a green/teal theme going on… Coincidence? Most likely.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show! 

It’s Skin Collagen Voluming Eye Cream

I’ve never used a product by It’s Skin until now, so I was super happy when Alice from W2Beauty included this one in my parcel. I’m never 100% sure if eye creams actually do anything, but this one was sure nice to apply! It was a lot thicker than any other eye cream I’ve used, and was more like a night cream which was interesting. Very moisturising, and it also has a nice floral fragrance. I got a lot of uses out of this one sachet too, which is always a good thing!

Skinfood Vita Water Drop CC Cream SPF35 PA+++

It felt so good to use a CC cream again, I can’t even tell you. I don’t even love wearing makeup, but there’s something about CC creams and Korea and oh I don’t know. This one was super light and watery, as the name suggests, so I didn’t really feel like I was wearing makeup at all.

I did put extra sunscreen under it, which made it appear a tad oilier than it would’ve otherwise, but overall I really liked this light consistency. The colour worked for me, although I am particularly fair so I know it’s (unfortunately) not the case for everyone – but I know beauty brands are expanding their colour ranges, which is awesome! Cute sachet, cute product 🙂

Skinfood Aloe Triple Sun SPF50+ PA+++

This is a very fine sunscreen that smells delicious. If you know aloe, you know how soothing it is, and this product is no different. I don’t know how they formulated an SPF50+ product to be so lightweight, but somehow they did. Genius! Of course, I again look a bit shinier when I have sunscreen on, but this can be counteracted by a touch of powder or a matte BB/CC cream on top. The most important thing for me is to look after my skin, and this product would make that very easy to do. Yum!

The haul <3
The haul <3

Chica Y Chico Tota-S3.0 Powerful Soothing Cream

I received this little sample in my Wishtrend order, and was interested to try it out as I’ve heard nothing about this brand before. Although it’s called a cream, this product has more of a gel texture – although it’s still really hydrating and soothing. The scent isn’t particularly anything, just a typical product smell (whatever that means). I liked how it absorbed into my skin, instead of just sitting on top of it like some gels and creams can do. I’m excited to try the other samples I have from this line!

L’Occitane Angelica Eye Roll-On

This series of L’Occitane samples came into my possession a long while ago, and I hoarded them like the crazy hoarding lady I am. The kind lady at the counter in Guri Lotte Department had them numbered, so I could use them in order. So sweet! I’ve previously talked about the Angelica Exfoliating Gel which was awesome, and I really liked these other products in the line, too.

This eye cream (or “roll on”) was much oilier than the It’s Skin one, but not in a bad way. Just different! All of the products in this line smell like the Angelica flower (although this one is particularly sweet), which I only just now learnt was actually a plant.  Again, I can’t tell you anything about the results per se, but I can tell you it smelt delicious and felt amazing under my wee eyes.

L’Occitane Angelica Milky Lotion

This is step 3 in the whole routine, and is basically a lotion/emulsion (yep, I think in Korean skincare terms now). The first thing I noticed about this product was the light, watery consistency and also the herbal smell. It reminds me of my Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator, which also smells like a herb garden. I felt like this lotion really moisturised my skin deeply, but it was not too heavy at all.

This lotion actually includes Angelica water and essential oil, which explains the hydrating properties. I know L’Occitane is a pretty fancy brand, but if you’re after moisturising products that won’t make you oily or greasy, this line could be the one for you.

My Sample Sunday stash :)
My Sample Sunday stash 🙂

L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream

Another Angelica product, another thumbs up. This one has the exact same scent as the lotion, and a sort of oilier consistency to most night creams. What I mean is, it’s not just creamy, but feels almost like a primer – slightly blurry and smoothing. Once again, this left my skin super nourished and was the perfect last step in my nighttime routine.

Nature Republic The First Essential Mask Sheet

I’ve included this as a sample because even though it’s a full-size product, I received it as a sample. In Korea, the free samples are often sheet masks, which is crazy and I think is a pretty generous gift. God I miss Korean samples! I’m just going through another of my “Korea nostalgia” phases which happen rather frequently – I have no need whatsoever for more beauty products, but I just long to be back there and buying ALL the cosmetics anyway.

It had been a while since I last used a face mask, so when I put this one on, I remembered how amazing they actually are. As usual, this Nature Republic sheet mask was soaked in essence, so there was more than enough to go round. I also found the shape of the mask/eye holes was pretty good (it’s never perfect, but this one was up there). In terms of the actual product, it felt soooo soothing on my skin. I used it after I’d had a little bit of time in the sun and it just fixed everything. Super moisturising, two thumbs up!

Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Toner – previously reviewed here

Skinfood Premium Tomato Whitening Cream – previously reviewed here

And once again we’ve come to the end! I hope you enjoyed reading my little snippets about these samples, and as always I’d love to hear anything you’ve tried/loved this week.

I’ll see y’all tomorrow, have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

Steph x