2 Awesome Eye Pencils: Lioele Stick Eyeshadow & Etude House Play 101 Pencil

Today I want to talk to you about a couple of products I have recently tried out and am really impressed with. Yes, they are Korean brands and yes, they are super shimmery. Double win. Without further ado, let me introduce the Lioele Stick Eyeshadow and the Etude House Play 101 Pencil in all their glory!

I recently ordered the Lioele eyeshadow from K-beauty shopping mecca W2Beauty, which I documented in this little haul post. The Etude House pencil came as a birthday gift to me last year, which I left in the box because I wanted to finish up other products before opening this one. While this has happened in part, I recently cracked and just decided to open it anyway because… it’s awesome.

Here are these two lovely products, sans lids:

Skinny and chubby <3
Skinny and chubby <3

As you can probably tell straightaway, the size of each pencil is very different. The Lioele stick eyeshadow comes in curved packaging and is sturdy to hold. The product itself is quite thick and chubby. The Etude House one, on the other hand, is super streamlined and the pencil itself has a much thinner tip.

I ordered the Lioele pencil in white (#6), because I wanted an eyeshadow to use in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them and give them that shimmery, fairy dust look. I find that really helps to waken up my whole face and is just generally flattering! You should try doing it if you haven’t, it will change your life gurrrl.

The Etude House pencil that I was gifted is shade #48. There’s a whole bunch of these so they didn’t give them names, but basically it’s a rich chocolatey brown colour, right up my street!

Of course, as these are Korean products, they’re high on shimmer – but that ain’t a bad thing! I snapped a picture of them in the light to try and capture their luminescence:

The swatches :)
The swatches 🙂

Pretty hey? The brown actually has gold flecks in it, so it’s quite striking. I’ve only used that one as a liner right now, but it would be quite an intense look if you wanted to take it further over the lid.

So how about the consistency? The Lioele one is super creamy and glides on really easily, and it’s very blendable. I usually smudge it a little bit to blend with the rest of my eyeshadow, and it’s actually quite enjoyable to apply because it’s so smooooth.

I also often use it all over my eyelid to provide a shimmery base if I’m applying a matte eyeshadow. I find that it gives a nice glow and je ne sais quoi, and I always like my makeup to include a little bit of French.

The Etude House one is also smooth, but the wear time on this is serious. Even just for these swatches, I could take the Lioele one off with just soap but the Etude House one wouldn’t budge. I just managed to get it off with eye makeup remover, but it ain’t playing around! My eyelids also tend to crease eyeshadow but I haven’t had any issues with this one. Once you put it on, it’s gon’ stay where it is.

Lioele Stick Eyeshadow in #6 and Etude House Play 101 Pencil in #48

I’ve become a real fan of the stick eyeshadow phenomenon, as it’s a really easy, simple way to get ready in the morning. I personally like to take as little time as possible to apply my makeup (generally because I’ve slept in) and these products really help you to do that. I’m really glad that I’ve tried these babies and will continue to love them forevermore <3

If you like the sound of these awesome eye pencils, you can purchase the Lioele Stick Eyeshadow in #6 and Etude House Play 101 Pencil in #48 from Amazon or W2Beauty and join in the lovefest today 🙂

That’s it for today guys! See y’all tomorrow,

Steph x


    1. Oooh we are in sync! I’m looking at your post now, that Etude box looks awesome (comment coming in a minute lol) ^_^ and yes these eye pencils are super long-lasting, and so creeeeamy. Love!

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