KL Cuisine #4: Chilli Espresso, Bangsar South

If there’s one thing I love more than food, it’s… nothing. I love nothing more than food, okay?!?

I have recently been thoroughly enjoying eating my way through Kuala Lumpur, and I must say that I’ve become pretty darn good at it. There is one spot in particular that I’ve found does excellent food, consistently, and that place is: Chilli Espresso. 

Gav and I had been here a few times before I grew to love it, but I was usually just having something small or nothing at all. However, one time I went by myself and I ordered the chicken tortilla, and then I knew that it was game over. Here’s what it looks like:

The Chicken Tortilla at Chilli Espresso <3
The Chicken Tortilla at Chilli Espresso <3

Heaven, no?

It actually seems smaller in this picture than it is in real life, and you could reasonably share this if you just wanted a light meal. What I love about this dish is that there are real Mexican-style flavours in there: coriander (“cilantro”), salsa and avocado. The bread is super buttery and crispy, much like roti, but that makes it all the more delicious (albeit calorific).

Another favourite of mine is the Aussie Beef Hamburger with Cheese, seen here:

The Aussie beef burger with cheese... amazing!
The Aussie beef burger with cheese… amazing!

You can probably tell by this point that I’m not big on healthy eating right now, and you’d be right. I have been craving comfort food recently, as I’ve started a new job and have a lot of other things to worry about apart from my diet. This will need to change soon, and I’m actually going to try a juice fast next week, but for now… burgers!

This is my favourite burger in Malaysia so far, as it is juicy and flavourful without being too heavy. The portion size isn’t ridiculous, so I never feel too full after eating it (although it does push me close to the limit). Plus, the chips are awesome!

I have tried their Fish & Chips too (although it wasn’t my favourite version of this dish), seen here:

The fish and chips
The fish and chips

Again, the chips were great here, as was the tartare sauce. The fish wasn’t my favourite, but that’s only because I’ve had the fish & chips at Sid’s Pub, and they’re incredible. Highly recommend them! So, I’ve been spoilt, but this was still a yummy dish (and much more reasonably priced than Sid’s).

I have managed to have one healthy thing at Chilli Espresso, and that is this juice:

A fresh juice at Chilli Espresso
A fresh juice at Chilli Espresso

I can’t remember exactly what was in this juice, but I do remember it was delicious! You can get freshly made juices with just one fruit or a blend. This was one of the mixed juices, and my goodness, it was fresh!

I really like sitting at Chilli Espresso, as the ambience is super chilled and relaxed. The outdoor seating area is really nicely decorated, with lots of plants everywhere, so it feels quite private and green, as opposed to most of the rest of the Nexus complex.

In terms of service, there are always a lot of wait staff on and I have found them all to be very attentive. They also ask how I like my beef done (for the burger), which I think is awesome. The prices are also decent (roughly RM15 for the wrap, and RM19.80 for the burger including the cheese). Yes, there are cheaper places you can go (hello, mamak!), but if you’re craving a particular foreign dish, these are Chilli Espresso’s specialities.

All in all, Chilli Espresso is the perfect place to come if you’re craving Western food, at a decent price point and in a nice ambience.

And who wouldn’t like that? 🙂

You can find Chilli Espresso at:

Unit G-6, Ground Floor, Nexus, Bangsar South
No 7, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur

Until next time,

Steph x