Sample Sundays feat. Holika Holika, Innisfree & More!

My vibrant samples
My vibrant samples

It’s that time again! Do you want to see me rummage through my trash and present my opinions of it to you? DO YOU? Well get ready for action because here! we! gooo!

(This is actually only a half joke – I do get very excited about samples. Why wouldn’t I? They’re amazing!) 

Innisfree Green Barley Cleansing Cream

I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF. I have spoken before about how I don’t feel like I’ve really properly discovered Innisfree… but everything has changed now. EVERYTHING! This stuff smells like lemon cheesecake. SERIOUSLY. It’s creamy and gentle and glorious and ohhhh it’s a dream to use. I wish I had more samples so I could properly do a review on it, it’s that good. Buy it before it gets discontinued! Do it!

Holika Holika Naked Face BB Cream in 21.5 Naked Beige

Oh Holika Holika, how did I forget about BB Creams? I was all over these (like a rash) in Korea, but since moving to the sweaty plains of Malaysia, I haven’t been as keen to have goop on my face all day, errday. Call me crazy. But then I opened this sachet, and I remembered… all the good times. Okay, this is getting way too nostalgic, but seriously, this is a nice BB Cream. I mean, it’s pretty darn thick (or maybe I’m just not used to them now), but it’s also got SPF50 so I forgive it.

Nature Republic Bee Venom Emulsion

This is one of my favourite Nature Republic lines and I think I will never get sick of it. I find the bee venom products to be really moisturising and calming. Apparently bee venom is great for targeting redness, acne and any kind of troubled skin. I feel like it does this in a gentle way, however, because this product literally feels like water and is so calming on the skin. I’m genuinely interested in purchasing this in a full-sized version (if it was cruelty-free of course). Love love love this!

L’Occitane Exfoliating Gel

I received this sample long ago and I can’t believe I waited this long to use it! It’s a nice grainy texture that isn’t too rough on the skin, so it exfoliates without tearing off your epidermis – always a plus. On top of that, it smells herbal and almost minty, and the sachet was padded. PADDED. Another two thumbs up from me.

Nature Republic Bee Venom Toner – previously reviewed here

Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Acne Cleansing Foam – previously reviewed here

That’s it for this week! I must say that my sample haul is getting a bit thin on the ground, I packed a lot in this huge box I sent to Malaysia aaaaand it hasn’t arrived yet. What is a beauty blogger to do? Be patient? Buy more stuff? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Steph x