My Clarins Lineup

The Lineup
The Lineup

Back when I went to Melbourne, I was a bit spend-happy at the airport. This resulted in me buying not one, not two, but four duty-free “specials” at four different points in my journey (Incheon departures, mid-flight to Melbourne, Melbourne departures, mid-flight to Incheon). Yep, I was seriously committed. As a result, I now have a number of products to work through and see the end of – oh, it’s a hard life for some! 

I will quickly explain exactly what I bought and then proceed to tell you about these items. At the airport heading back to Seoul, I walked through the duty-free section and was cruelly tempted by a Clarins Travel Set. I think I may have talked about this before, but for some reason I never really photographed it or did it justice. I have since used the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion and HydraQuench Cream, both of which I really enjoyed, and am almost done with the Eye Contour Gel. But these three pictured below, these are next on my kill list to-finish list!

The remaining offenders
The remaining offenders

First up from my Clarins beauty bag is the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. If there’s one thing I need, it’s more hand creams, right? This one is an interesting one, because it has an almost herbal smell. Not my favourite scent, to be honest, but I do appreciate the shea butter goodness contained within. I also really like the Clarins packaging – super minimalist, super French, super chic.

Next up is that glorious apricot baby in the middle, the One-Step Facial Cleanser. This one I liken to Bioderma Hydrabio H20 because it’s that sort of gentle cleansing water product. Except this one is orange and you get to shake it up, which is approximately 1000000x more fun. For some foolish reason, I forgot I had this in my stash and went out and bought Nivea’s Eye Makeup Remover in a flurry when I first arrived to Malaysia… so now I have two. This one actually has orange extract in it, though, so it obviously wins.

Last of all is the signature Clarins product (apparently), and that is the Beauty Flash Balm. I still haven’t really worked out how to use this (clearly, or I would have used it by now), but I have been assured from reading the bottle that it ‘brightens, tightens’. That’s all you need to say, tube! I think this works as a makeup primer to add a glow to your skin and to basically just make you shine like the diamond you are. Results may or may not differ.

I clearly need to dedicate more of my life to these products, which is exactly what I will be doing in the coming weeks. If you would like a full review on any or all of these, you know what to do!

Steph x

    1. Yeah I do think they’re underrated! I like the simplicity of both the packaging and the products, the French definitely know how to do chic! 😉

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