My Christmas Lush Haul

My Lushmas goodies!
My Lushmas goodies!

A wonderful thing happened over Christmas… yes, I went home to Australia and had an amazing time with my friends and family; yes, I got to put my feet into Woolamai beach and watch a stunning sunset, and; yes, I ate my own body weight in pizza at i Carusi II. I’m not denying any of these things, nor am I questioning their amazingness, but… there is one thing that stands out to me about my vacation. And that is LUSH! 

Yes, dear readers, as I mentioned in my previous update post, I casually told my mum that a few goodies from Lush would be nice for a Christmas treat if she were to be so kind. Well, considering my mum is the kindest person on earth, those few things quickly swelled up to a GIANT GIFT BOX full of the bits and bobs I was coveting, plus a few extras on the side, just because. So let’s get into it, shall we?

First of all, the box was called Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and it came in a huge box decorated with images of Santa’s workshop. It also came with stickers to decorate the box with. These Lush people, they think of everything!

FOS (Fresh Off the Sleigh)
FOS (Fresh Off the Sleigh)

Upon opening I was met with that signature Lush smell (you know the one). Everything was surrounded in packing bubble (is that what it’s called?) and nothing got damaged. The only casualty was the Snow Angel in the picture, which is a really soft Bath Melt that literally melted in my hands. I actually didn’t mind this at all, because it felt so luxurious and moisturising – and that was without me even bathing in it. This angel lost her wings for the greater good, y’all!

Let me address that silvery, glittery thing right in your line of sight – the Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar, . This is a bath bomb that turns your bath a shocking green – and it’s amazing! It actually smells really spicy and warming, just what you want in winter. Given that I used this in the Australian summer and loved it is also a testament to its versatile deliciousness. Plus, it makes the water glittery. Amazing.

This box came with a number of bath bombs and bath melts, including Golden Wonder, Butter Bear, Snow Angel, Dashing Santa as well as the Snow Man Shower Jelly, So White Shower Gel and Reindeer Rock Soap. That’s a whole lotta goodness in one set! I was actually so over the moon when I got this, it was almost bizarre. I felt like a kid again. Having arrived off a 16-hour flight that day could have had something to do with it, but then again, I could just be a kid stuck in a 27-year-old’s body… Each argument is valid for different reasons!

Right now I’ve only used half of the Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar, and to be honest I could have used less. I just wanted my bath extra green! I feel like Lush give good value for money, as you can get a few uses out of most of their bath bombs/melts. I also used the Butter Bear Bath Bomb while I was in Sydney, and that was such a relaxing, soothing bath. It’s the same formula as their Butter Ball Bath Bomb, except it’s a million times cuter. It didn’t make the water change colour or do anything crazy, but it was really moisturising and calming. Plus it was bear-shaped!

My mum also happened to get me two 250g Snow Fairy Shower Gels plus a Twilight Bath Bomb. Can you say “spoiled”? It’s even more ridiculous given the fact that I don’t have a bath right now! I managed to squeeze in a few before I left but right now I’m saving most of these in my closet until we move to Malaysia – or until I crack and rent a holiday for a night and have about 11 consecutive baths within a 12-hour period.

I remember when I turned 21 I went through a big Lush phase – and it seems like I’m right back there again. Maybe it’s because Lush in Korea is so darn expensive, or maybe the Youtubers and their Lush hauls got burned on my brain conveniently right around the Christmas period. Who knows. Whatever the case, I love this present and all of the scents it has bestowed upon me (and my wardrobe)!

How about you? Are you fans of Lush?

Steph x