My HUGE Empties Video – Part 1!

Hi friends,

So after Tuesday’s big post, I wasn’t quite sure how to follow it up and thought I’d lay low for a while. I had actually planned to post something very different that day, but then it didn’t seem appropriate, even in the days following. But I think we’re now all ready to light the mood, and so here is my latest video!

As you may know by now, I have recently turned over a new leaf which involves me not buying things anymore (gasp) and actually using up what I do have (double gasp). I’ve been doing really well restricting my spending, and honestly now I just don’t even want to go shopping. Well, I mean, it’s fun and all, but then I think of my cupboards at home which are literally full to the brim and I just can’t do it. My mission is to use up what I have, or try to at least, before we move in March, and so I’ve warned you to expect a few decluttering videos and posts… and this is one of them!

So sit back, enjoy and Part 2 will be coming your way very soon!

Steph x