VIDEO: My First (Filmed) Nature Republic Haul!

Hi friends!

Long time no see, eh? Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL (again)… in actual fact, I’ve been plotting this post for a while now because it’s something a bit special: my first Nature Republic haul video! As y’all well know, I have had many a haul in my holy grail Korean store, but this is the first time it’s been caught on film. Prepare to feast your eyes!

On this occasion, I happened to buy quite a few products (but not as many as I originally thought…) and give a bit of detail about each of them. There are some really nice products here and I am actually a lot more excited about them after filming this video, so thanks guys! Also included is a false start, a stop by from Gavin and a lot of dropping of things. What more could you want?!

Enjoy 🙂

Steph x

  1. I was interested in the Provence shadow but I dont like shimmer so thanks for the review! But I am obsessed with their snail line!

    1. Yes it is super shimmery (like many Korean eyeshadows), sorry to disappoint! And omg their snail line is just heaven. It seems to work really well with my skin, moisturises deeply without feeling heavy, and with absolutely no irritation. Love! Once I finish my pile of skincare products, I am considering purchasing some full-sized versions. But I also need to use all my samples first… uh oh! 😉

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