Sample Sundays: Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Essence (Review)

Hi friends!

Welcome back to the third edition of Sample Sundays. I must say that I now look forward to writing these posts every Sunday eve, and I find it really fun discovering new products via my abundance of samples. Plus it helps me clear closet space! Win-win!

This week’s sample was a sachet of Nature Republic‘s Snail Solution 70 Essence. And spoiler alert: I love it!

Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 sample
Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 sample

So first of all, what’s with the name? As you may have guessed, this essence (and the entire Snail Solution 70 range) contains snail secretion filtrate aka snail mucin aka SLIME. Yep, that’s snails’ slime that I (and millions of other Korean women) are smearing on our faces! It’s true that women (and cosmetics companies) here will try anything in order to stave off or slow down the ageing process. Placenta, bee venom, caviar… whatever it is, they’ll try it! However, considering Korean skincare technology is lightyears ahead of the rest of the world, I’m pretty happy to trust what they’re telling me.

When I first arrived in Korea, I actually tested the emulsion in this line, albeit with different packaging. My understanding is that the number after Snail Solution represents the percentage of snail mucin in the product. The essence, ampoule and skin booster all have different numbers (70, 80 and 90 respectively), although they are part of one cohesive range. The updated packaging is all very green… I guess to go with the nature theme? Snails on the grass and all that? This is actually quite a high-end line at Nature Republic, and it is pretty fancy packaging. I sometimes don’t quite gel with the Korean aesthetic when it comes to packaging, and I don’t love or hate this one… It is what it is.

However, my opinion on what’s inside is a completely different story! It’s amazing and I am a bit obsessed.

A swatch of the Snail Solution Essence on my hand... super dense!
A swatch of the Snail Solution Essence on my hand… super dense!

From the moment I first tried this essence, I absolutely loved it. Squeezing it out of the sachet (and there was a generous amount in there to squeeze out, certainly enough for two uses), I noticed how thick and luxe it was. It was also really dense, and sorta slimey… I know, it sounds gross but it’s really not. Promise! The Snail Solution 70 Essence has a pleasant smell, although not a strong one. It just smells clean and product-y, if that makes sense. I don’t mind that at all, in fact I would much prefer that over a strong smell I disliked. Obvs!

It also has a different texture to other essences I’ve tried, in that it is quite… adhesive. Have a look:

The Snail Solution 70 Essence between my fingers
The Snail Solution 70 Essence between my fingers

As you can see, this essence does not play! It is dense but not heavy, and it moisturises to no end. This texture is actually quite light and so smooth, which makes it easy to apply to my face. And I love me some easy applicatin’.

(As an aside: I am aware the above picture makes this essence look a bit like mucus, which is appropriate but not always desirable. But don’t panic! This is a lot of product in one spot and not what it looks like when you apply the adequate amount) 🙂

Onto the feel of it: this essence is so smooth and moisturising without being too heavy. I don’t know how they did it, or what they did, but it is a success. I already love Nature Republic, and this just makes me even more obsessed with them! I actually much prefer this essence to the Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum (which I know are different products but do a similar job) as it sinks in to my skin so nicely and doesn’t feel sticky in the slightest. Not one bit!

My moisturised hand. Amazing!
My moisturised hand. Amazing!

I really love this essence and would ABSOLUTELY purchase the full-size product. I love how it feels on my skin. So smooth, so light but so moisturised. As someone with the most sensitive/combination/difficult skin, finding products that work always feels so victorious, and this is no exception. I would recommend this product for sensitive skin, as I used it all week and had absolutely no adverse reactions and many positive ones! My skin feels so supple after applying it and not greasy at all. And trust me, if my skin ain’t complaining, there’s no way yours would!

I am interested to see how this product fared come summertime, as we are still at the tail end of winter and my skin does have a tendency to turn into a greaseball in the heat. However, due to its lightweight texture, I think it would be suitable for a number of skin types and problems. It’s gentle – but it works.

And that is my rave review of this amazing product! I hope you guys liked it, please let me know your experiences with it in the comments 🙂 Next week’s Sample Sunday will feature (drumroll)… Etude House Wonder Pore Corrector! I really have no idea about this product so I will be learning along with you!


Until next time,

Steph x

  1. I’m going to look for this! Also, my friend uses the product you’re trying next week (pore corrector thingy). She swears by it. That’ll be my next purchase (and the snail goo)

    1. Yes it is so nice! I was very pleasantly surprised 🙂 I am trying to restrain myself before buying another product though… if only! And that is great news about the Etude House product. I actually have no idea about what it is or what it does (lol), so I’m excited now! ^^

  2. I’m considering buying this but I feel bad thinking they kill tons of snails so we can smear this on our faces? >< thanks for the lovely review tho! 🙂

    1. Hi there! Hmm to be honest I haven’t thought about this before and I am glad you are asking this question. Korea isn’t the most animal-friendly place (when it comes to cosmetics, at least), although that is slowly but surely changing. I didn’t think the snails would be killed, as they need to keep producing the snail mucus…? I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read too much into it, but that was how I thought it worked! You’ve inspired me to educate myself on this matter, I am going to read into it a bit and maybe put up a post about it to explain it to others 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  3. I literally just tried my own sample of this a while ago (as it’s late evening here right now) and I like the feel of it too, especially when you begin blending it out onto skin. I have quite dry skin, so the thicker and more moisturizing the essence, the better! I now want to get a full-sized one too.

    1. Yes I love this stuff! I actually just love the whole Snail Solution line, so moisturising and amazing. Perfect for winter – my skin sure needs it! Glad you liked it too ^^

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