My Korean Nails Project: Nature Republic Colour Waltz in Pastel Blue

Hi friends!

If you are as yes unaware, I am trying (a little bit) to be a Korean doll and have my nails done 24/7. The thing is, fussing with nails and nail polish really isn’t my thing, so I will cut corners at any opportunity. Hence, my take on the manicure: the wannicure! If you, like me, don’t care too much about the ins and outs of nails but just want them to look pretty, then I’m your gal 😉

Yesterday after our field trip, I had a break before my class which I decided to luxuriously use to do my nails (among a few other, less important things). The colour I decided to use was one that my lovely friend Sehar gave as part of my birthday present last year, but which I had never gotten around to using. It’s Nature Republic’s Colour Waltz nail polish in Pastel Blue (BL508). It’s actually a sort of a lavender, grey-blue as opposed to a really soft baby blue. I wasn’t sure how it would look on me, but hey you only live once and you have to dream big, right?!

The results of my wannicure
The results of my wannicure

Ta-da! As you can see, the colour came out really nice and it’s actually quite bright and eye-catching. I really, really like this colour! I wasn’t sure if it would match with my skin because I’m very light, but it really complements it. I think it could actually work with a lot of skin tones, and it also matches this wintry blue weather (although I just thought of that now and besides, differentiating nail polishes based on seasons is quite redundant imho!).

In case you didn’t know from yesterday’s post, I am a little bit obsessed with Nature Republic and they can (almost) do no wrong in my eyes – except they need to stop testing on animals, which Korea is bringing in within the next year or so. Their nail polishes are pretty long-lasting and come in a range of colours – and they are only 1,000 won each. Amajing!

Me being so~ Korean! ^^
Me being so~ Korean! ^^

I highly recommend this colour, or at least have a look at the many colours Nature Republic has to offer. Most of all, I would like to take this opportunity to toot my own horn and highlight the fact that I have done my nails TWICE within the past week! That definitely has to be some sort of record for me! The funny thing is, as trivial as nails are, having them done does make me feel somewhat more in control of my life. It’s a mental thing, but it’s always the little things to do with grooming which make quite noticeable differences. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and it sure ain’t), but just spending that extra bit of time on myself feels indulgent (in a good way) and the pop of colour makes me happy 🙂

Well, that’s it for today’s post! I hope you all have a great weekend and see you tomorrow ^^

Steph x

  1. I’m a bit addicted to nail polish. From anywhere in Korea, as it tends to be at least $10 cheaper than nail polish back home. In fact, I just counted tonight… 41 bottles. This is worse than my mask sheet addiction, which, thanks to Innisfree’s 10+10 sale today, I’m up to 32. Ahhh 진짜! Beauty products… I’m addicted because they’re cheap and I get sucked into the pretty packaging. But at least I’m not addicted to other cheap items here… like soju and cigarettes.

    1. Haha oh I know it’s terrible! I haven’t dared to count my nail polish bottles but they are many and varied, and hardly used (until now)! And dw I’m the same with sheet masks too. So addictive and cute! And yes, after coming here I just can’t bring myself to spend $20 on an OPI nail polish. I just can’t, it’s too painful! Ooh btw I’ve thought of a topic for my guest post for your site so I’ll get onto it soon 🙂 x

      1. Ooo I can’t wait to read it! I’m not bothering posting anything until I get your article. Then once I post it I’ll feel like I can leave my blog alone for another few weeks 😛 …and then I’ll ask for another guest post from you. Do you want to just maintain my blog? Ugh… it’s such a chore.

      2. Haha you are so funny! That made me lol, I seriously know the feeling. But I love your posts, they’re great! Keep it up 🙂 yep I need to get some pics etc but it shouldn’t take too long. I’m excited too! Haha thanks for the laugh ^^ xo

  2. Love this color. And I can’t believe how cheap they are! There are actually a couple of Nature Republic stores in NYC but I don’t think the prices are like that, haha.

    1. Oh it is ridiculous. It’s amazing and dangerous because it’s led to me hoarding away bottles that never get used, while continuously buying more. But they are so pretty! It’s a great problem to have 😉

  3. I gave up on painting my nails. I HATE chips. So, I use these stick-on nails that I buy here in America. I made sure to bring them with me to Korea, too, so I could always have nice nails. So many colors and styles. I really like that they last, too– without chipping!

    They have toenail ones now, too, so I always have nice nails on my hands and feet:)

    (Its called imPress press on manicure/pedicure.)

    1. Ooh they look nice! I actually had a bizarre experience with these giant stick-on nails I got here. They were so pink and garish and OTT, it was actually ridiculous (I think I have a photo hidden somewhere). They looked like claws! I kept accidentally scratching the kids at work lol, so they had to go. But yours sound much nicer! 🙂

      And yes the whole nail thing just seems like so much time for not too much reward, but I’m trying! It does make me feel better having nice nails, too. In reality, it doesn’t actually take that long, so I should probably just stop complaining hehe. Yay nails! Thanks for your comment! ^^ xx

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