I Made This! #1: Porridge with stewed rhubarb and apple, cinnammon, strawberries and honey.

Despite having a great fondness for dining out, it may come as a surprise to you that I do occasionally prepare my own meals. A morning last week was one such time (as are most mornings, lunches and dinners, but I’ll gladly pretend otherwise). Having overdone porridge in the past, and moving onto its similar but subtly different relative muesli, I have recently been converted back to the wonders of a warm, dense breakfast. I usually top it off with cinnammon, bananas and honey, as this is a pure and godly combination. So yummy, particularly on a frightfully cold Melbourne winter morning.

This particular day, however, we were out of bananas. Now, this may not seem like a real problem to most, but I tend to take my breakfast very seriously. Having suffered through many a school exam due to my achingly empty belly and its subsequent loud protests against the absence of food, I like to have a big brekkie to prepare me for the day. Without my bananas, what would I do?

Luckily, I spied some strawberries in the fridge. Okay, I thought, this will do. Strawberries, yes, strawberries are great! Even if they are a little cold, unlike the cupboard-stored bananas which are always the perfect temperature. But these strawberries were from Queensland and were unusually plump (and, as I soon found out, delicious). As I went to heat up my porridge on the stove, having added water instead of milk so that I could later indulge in a 4000 calorie chocolate bar or its equivalent, I spied some stewed rhubarb and apple. Oh yes, I thought, my time has come. This is it. This is the one!

The missing link to my perfect breakfast had been presented right before me. I microwaved a serve of the stewed rhubarb and apple, served up my porridge with a sprinkling of cinnammon, topped with the stewed fruit, topped again with the juicy strawberries and then with a great big drizzling of honey to polish it off. Ohhh my goodness, was I a happy cat that morning! the stewed fruit was the icing on the cake, although I must admit I did not make it myself. It was the product of my fabulous mother who is quite the chef. But I was quite chuffed that I came up with the idea to add it into the equation! It worked perfectly, and I kept topping up with cinnammon and honey as I went. This dish really did set me up for a great day, and I was in such a happy mood because of it.

I am hoping to make these posts a recurring feature on Misc Bliss. I do love to cook, but recently have not been prioritising it in my busy life. But that is going to change! I will strive to photograph and blog about my cooking escapades as they happen, and this will hopefully encourage me to cook more. I hope you get a kick out of it too, and enjoy my supremely detailed tales of breakfasts and beyond.

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  1. I’m a diehard porridge fan, so this gorgeous post is making be think Breakfast For Dinner is on the menu tonight πŸ™‚ My standard is oatmeal topped with peanut butter, maple syrup, and some broken-up dark chocolate… yours is maybe a little healthier πŸ˜‰

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