Winter = Cold + Foggy

So very cold and foggy. This picture on the left was taken about a week ago before 8 one morning. I had been heading into the city every day for 9am, which meant leaving plenty of time for the unreliable Metro system to get me there. I know it’s winter, and I know winter is cold, but geez, it seems to have been going for a while this year. And dad just told me that it is expected to get down to 2 degrees tonight. Now that is cold!

In this kind of weather, it is normal to feel a little different. A little bit out of sorts, perhaps. We eat more, and more comfort food, and it’s harder to rustle up the energy to do what we normally would do easily. Tonight, I was thiiis close to not going to my yoga class, but eventually pulled myself out of the house thanks to my boyfriend’s encouragement. And with only three of us in the class tonight, it was a strong and focused class which I was very happy to attend. It pushed me a little, and afterwards I felt so much better. I need to remember these feelings for next time, because during winter there is a constant internal struggle that rages within me whenever I am required to leave the house. And it so much easier to give in!

Good things about winter: warming, comforting food. My mum made a beautiful chicken casserole tonight, followed by stewed apple and blackberry. It was amazing, and reminded me so much of Britain (where both of my parents are from). Winter is fun for slow-cooking, stews and delicious desserts (in moderation, of course).

How is it that we are more than halfway through this year? 2010, where have you gone? I have had a fabulous time so far, but still have much more to do. But as long as I’m enjoying each day, then life is good. And right now, life is very good.

As an aside, I recently finished The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O’Farrell. I absolutely adored it, and highly recommend it to everyone reading this. It is an amazing book, and O’Farrell is really an incredible writer. Perfect for young and old, particularly women. Another thing I like about winter: plenty of time to catch up on my reading.

I hope you’re all enjoying y0ur Thursday night, stay warm and be happy!