As I write to you, I am picking at a secret Easter egg from the Secret Stash above the oven . Despite my (best?) efforts at eating healthily post-Easter (see below), this year I have found it incredibly hard to break free from the chocolate binge. It’s just SO good. Some people are chocolate people, some aren’t: I think we both know which category I fall into.

Today was a delicious day food-wise. After over-eating to a gross extent yesterday (and I mean really gross), I decided to cut back my portion sizes today. Oats in the morning, with apple, honey and cinnammon. Mmm. Except today they weren’t quite as good, as the pot left little black bits in my bowl, despite appearing to be clean. This wasn’t a great start to my day, particularly as I take my food very, very seriously. But it picked up, trust me.

My lunch at my boyfriend’s place was delicious. Lamb curry, dahl, rice, figs with fetta, coconut and chilli (can’t remember the proper name) and a Sri Lankan vegetable dish for which I have also forgotten the name but not the taste. Oh my goodness, this was possibly the best lunch ever. Certainly brightened up my day (as did he). I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and tired recently, and food really does have the power to make me feel better. It really did in this case.

I came home to my mother’s apricot chicken, which is a simple recipe but is absolutely to die for. She is a great cook, and it was absolutely delicious. Sweet and juicy apricots with tender chicken, heaps of nectar and mashed potato to soak it up. Yum. I was hanging around the pot for a while after, cleaning up any leftovers from the plate. Such a beautiful meal.

And that leads me to now. Sitting here, having finished my egg (a hollow milk chocolate one) and contemplating a Creme egg. Yes, those damned Creme eggs are still here. I hid them to stop my mother from snacking on them, but the problem is that I still know where they are. Ahh! It’s taking a lot of self-restraint to resist right now, and I may not be quite able to. We will have to wait and see.

I hope you are all having a successful and healthy post-Easter period. And if not, I hear you! Now, onto this Creme egg…