Working on work

I had an interview yesterday for a position as a recruitment consultant. I went to a few careers fairs about two weeks ago, and decided that I needed to get my butt moving. I can’t go travelling when I have very few dollars left after spending on my car and my extravagant lifestyle. So, I applied for a job.

I had my screening phone call on Friday, after the recruitment coordinator and myself kept missing each other all week. She was lovely, and when I met her yesterday I got on well with her. The interview went well, we had to do a roleplay which was funny! Not perfect of course, but they are looking for potential, and potential I got.

The group assessment centre is on Friday, and there is no way to prepare for it. It would be best if I stopped thinking about it, because when I do I sometimes work myself up into this irrational and unnecessary yet paralysing worry, and I don’t want that to happen on the day. I am calm, positive and smart. I am going to rock it!

All of this job-applying stuff has got me thinking about life and growing up. As in, wow, I’m going to have to work 5 days a week? How do people do this? I have been particularly lenient on myself recently in terms of my diet, because I think subconsciously I know that this is going to change soon. Big big transition time. What about my lifestyle?

Fortunately, this will give me something to do with all of my free time during the day. Free time is good… up until a point. It’s no fun if you are stuck home by yourself bored and lonely (a la moi). I would much rather get out and do something, just to try it. I have a good feeling about this job. And I know it is what I need to kickstart my life as an adult.

In other news, I had a delicious eggplant and bean curry pie today, from a fabulous bakery in Caulfield Plaza that my boyfriend recommended to me. It was bloody beaut, mate! We also then had beautiful homemade gelato from Caffe Beluno in Bentleigh – a small place which many more people should know about. Stay tuned for a review.

And so my life continues. What will happen next week? Will I get the job? More importantly, will I get more pies? Watch this space…