Saturday Six: Jeans, Fake Nails & Banila Co.

Another Saturday, another round up of my favourites of the week. This week has been rather chilled out — a little bit in-between you could say. But throughout it all, I kept tabs on what I was liking and loving, so I could give you the DL on what’s taken my fancy in recent days.

And so, without further ado, let’s get it in!

Beauty: Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr Honey Toner

I remember reading about this on Fiddy’s blog, after she had introduced both me and the world to the amazing Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr Honey Oil Essence. Because I experienced firsthand how incredible this essence oil was, I was super keen to try the toner — so I picked it up when I was in Seoul in October.

The verdict so far? It’s awesome. I find this quite a rich toner compared to the many others I’ve tried, and it has the same honey scent as the oil. This is the perfect moisturising toner for anyone experiencing dry skin — or just wanting to give their skin a burst of hydration before moving on to the rest of their skincare routine.

Book: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I kept seeing this book in bookshops around the world, and it always jumped out at me. It’s a YA novel about an unlikely pairing — Eleanor, the new girl at school with the unruly red mane and a troubled home life, and Park, the standoffish kid who lets her sit next to him on the bus.

I’m not finished with this one yet, but it’s a pleasure to read and it’s gripped me already. It reminds me of high school — in good and bad ways — and really captures that adolescent angst and hopefulness. Can’t wait to get through this one!

Saturday Six: Jeans, Fake Nails & Banila Co.

Cafe: The Jolimont

Gav recently discovered this cute little cafe in the outer eastern suburbs — and we’ve already hit it up 3 times in about as many days.

Brightening up an otherwise neglected strip of shops, The Jolimont has a great breakfast menu — featuring banana bread, smashed avocado, Mexican eggs and more — but it really shines with the coffee. It’s a great addition to the area — and satiates my caffeine addiction rather nicely!

Beauty: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I received this as part of my epic Priceline freebie haul — and it’s been saving me in this dry weather. Gav has been an Aveeno fan for a while, and I can see why: it’s non-greasy, but still thorouguhly moisturising.

I also love how this one comes in a handy travel tube — perfect for on-the-go, or when you’re living between homes (as I am now). It’s been a lifesaver for my poor, dehydrated skin!

Saturday Six: Jeans, Fake Nails & Banila Co.

Fashion: H&M High-Waisted Jeans

The day after Black Friday, I decided I would go shopping. Yes, I had missed the sales, but I also missed some of the… overzealous customers that these sales entice. Fine by me!

Determined to find some comfortable and flattering jeans, I ventured into H&M. I’ve always found it tricky to get the perfect pair of jeans — and do they even exist? — but over the years, I’ve sort of worked out what I like: dark denim (flattering), stretchy material (comfortable) and skinny at the ankle. Lo and behold, these babies satisfy all three criteria!

I’ve basically been living in these jeans — and loving every minute of it. I couldn’t find the exact ones online, but if you’re into comfy denim, H&M are surprisingly good quality!

Beauty: Nailene So Natural Everyday French Nails

This week was my first foray into fake nails — and what an interesting one it was. As someone who never really bothers to do their nails, but loves it when they are done, this seemed like the cheat of the century. All you need to do is stick plastic bits on your nails for that “put-together” look?! What a shortcut!

I decided to use the glue instead of the stickers, and after a few “sticky” blunders, I was good to go. The glue dries really quickly, and the selection of 28 nails means you’ll find one that will (pretty much) fit your nail. I also thought these were quite “natural-looking” — as far as fake nails go!

I did enjoy having long, clicky nails for the week — although I must admit, they do make basic tasks difficult. Tying shoelaces and buttoning up jeans were not my friend… and when they started popping off after about 5 days, I can’t say I was too upset. But, always good to try summin’ new!

That’s it for my faves this week — what about you?

Steph x

  1. Haha ooh those pop off nails, eh?! I’ve been using a gel polish that last over a week and it’s bomb diggity 😉 Was happiest to read about he smashed avocado and banana bread find! Good on you guys to find a new lovely (daily?) brunch spot. Xx

  2. Whoa. Interesting list you got there!

    Let’s see: I am STILL using [and loving] Tony Moly Appletox—takes away those nasty flaky loose skins off of my face. Great stuff. And MILD. You can use it every day if you wanted to. I use this like clockwork every Winter.

    I just got into e.l.f.’s eye brightener eye cream (yes, e.l.f. has a skin line now! A lot of people say it’s pretty good!). The eye cream is very smooth and creamy. So far, two thumbs up. I’ll give it another week.

    I have been using this “five in one” toothpaste that includes Neem, Black Seed, Mint, Clove and Baking Soda. I’m trying to stay away from regular toothpaste because most contain fluoride. Fluoride is NOT good for the human body—among other things. ? Goodness knows, there’s a LOT out there that’s not good for us, I just decided to start using a healthier toothpaste, that’s all. End of story—hehe.

    I discovered this delicious coffee creamer by Dunkin’ Donuts called Extra, Extra ( Extra Sweet, Extra Creamy). So delicious. I don’t even use sugar anymore since using this. It sweetens my coffee just–right.

    I purchased a Homedics Shiatsu massager that is so good! It includes a heated massage as well as more intense massage. It comes with a strap, so you can strap it to your office chair, lounging chair at home, etc. It comes in a variety of colors and prints: Snow Leopard, Navy, Eggplant to name a few. I got the Eggplant (plum like purple). It matches my room. Feels so good on my back and when I use it on my feet!!

    Tosowoong is a great brand that I have discovered. They make everything in facial care as well as makeup. Their sheet masks are the best! Try the Blueberry—ah! They have an eyeliner set from their Makeon makeup line called Makeon Princess 2—the eyeliner colors come in, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and a light Champagne Beige color. Nice set! So creamy! So pretty!

    Well, that’s my list. I hope it wasn’t too much or too long, lol!

    Happy Holidays, girl!

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