The Korean Sunscreen That Makes My Skin Glow

We all know by now that Korea is the queen of cosmetics. It’s pretty self-evident. But I’m still constantly amazed at just how good their sunscreens are — which I was not expecting. When I was in Korea, I pretty quickly caught onto the fact that Korean women take great care of their skin, and this is why they always look like dolls up until their 70s. They just look divine — and it’s no accident.

As a fair-skinned gal, I was always used to applying sunscreen during the hot Australian summer — but I never really made it part of my daily routine. This thought sort of makes me shudder now, but its’s true. At best, I’d have some semblance of SPF in the tinted moisturiser/foundation I was wearing; at worst, nothing. It’s like I wanted all the wrinkles to come!

So, it was a big eye-opener to learn that SPF is a no-brainer, non-negotiable part of a Korean skincare routine. It’s just there, and it’s legit. They don’t mess with their sunscreens! The standard these days seems to be SPF50, with an absolute minimum of 30. It’s just not a big deal.

When I was browsing around Garosu-gil, I stumbled across an epic Scandinavian-style store called Aland which had a great curation of items. Anyway, I of course had to pick up a few things — one of which was this cute lil sunscreen Land Museum Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA+++. 

Now, I can’t find anything about it online — but this baby is a gem. I have had a few negative experiences with certain, cheaper sunscreens (such as Nature Republic’s Provence Calendula Daily Sun Block SPF50, which was a sad moment for me), and was on the lookout for a good quality facial sun block. Well, this just sucked me right in, and thank goodness.

First of all, the bottle. It’s super compact and, at 40ml, it’s perfect for travel. It’s completely plastic and lightweight, and it has a little nozzle which makes for easy and hygienic application. I actually really loved the packaging of the box it came in — covered in red poppies — which I don’t have on me, but which you can get the gist of on the Aland website.

Next up, the scent. I looooove how this smells! Most SPFs usually have that trademark “SPF” smell, which sort of makes me want to run for the hills… but not this one. It’s lightly floral, a little bit sweet, and basically just smells like a delicious body lotion. Yay.

Now, my favourite thing about this sunscreen: the formula. You can (hopefully) see here that it is quite thick and creamy, which means it actually has coverage and does its job, but it’s also smooth and easy to apply.

The Korean Sunscreen That Makes My Skin Glow

Honestly, wearing this sunscreen is pretty seamless, and most importantly of all… it leaves no white cast. This is something I have always struggled with, and I believe it’s why SPFs get a bad rap. As I mentioned, I’ve had some bad experiences with sun creams in the past, and even fair-skinned people can be looking deathly white if you choose a bad SPF. Not cool.

Instead, this one just adds a subtle glow, and also feels super lightweight on my skin. It’s almost like there’s nothing there — which is exactly what I wanted. Anything that makes SPF application easier and almost fun is a win in my books!

Because it’s such a nice product, and it looks so nice, I’ve been happily splashing it on my face each morning — and in this Australian summer, my skin has been thanking me.

And to prove it, here’s a pic of me looking slightly startled (my go-to selfie pose, apparently) while rocking this SPF:

Look at that glow! Keep in mind, I have a super glowy cushion on top of this SPF, so… glow is at maximum impact.

All in all, this SPF has completely changed the way I feel about facial sunscreens. And what I mean by that is, it’s amazing. If you’re after an easy-to-wear daily sunscreen that won’t leave you feeling like a greaseball, or looking like a ghost, but will help protect you from sun damage, this is you guy.

The only thing is, I’m not sure how readily available it is (but I’m assuming it may not be at your average corner store)… which just makes this a challenge! As you can see on the Aland website, it was only 15,800won, and there was a 1+1 deal on, so it was essentially half that price. So good. I have literally been wearing this every day, and throwing it in my bag when I’m on the go — now I just need to track down more before I run out!

What is your take on SPF? Have you had bad experiences like I have? Share your thoughts in the comments below — I always love to hear from you!

Steph x

    1. Thanks bae! Yes I love it, now just need to find a replacement before it ends — oh the struggle! 🙂

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