Saturday Six: My Favourites Of The Week

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m a big fan of alliteration. I think it all started with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, followed closely by the Secret Seven. All the adventure those kids got up to — I could only dream of living wild and free like that!

So I thought I’d start a new little segment ’round these parts: the Saturday Six. Featuring six of the best blogs, books, beauty, broadcasts… and anything else not starting with “b” that I can think of. Basically, it’s a wrap-up of stuff I’ve enjoyed during the week — and things I’d like to share with y’all.

With that in mind, let’s jump in!

1. Blog: Thirteen Thoughts

You know those blogs you follow on Bloglovin’ that you just always seem to click on? This is Thirteen Thoughts to me. In a seemingly endless ocean of beauty blogs, this one really stands out to me — and not just because it’s beautiful to look at.

I love how beauty reviews and fashion pieces are intertwined with genuinely useful blogging info, and life updates. Paula’s writing is so relatable and honest, and at the same time so well put together. It’s just a winning blog — and I highly recommend you check it out!

Saturday Six: My Favourites Of The Week

2. Beauty: NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake

So I know I just raved about this yesterday but… yolo.

Since I recently discovered the heaven that is NYX Butter Glosses, I’ve never looked back — and yes, lip gloss is important to my overall happiness. This colour is super flattering, and the formula is so smooth — yep, like butter.

3. TV: Orange is the New Black

Okay, so I may be a little bit behind here… but omg I need to talk to someone about this. I have been watching (and loving) OITNB for about a year and a half, but during season 3 I just fell out of love a little bit — and my addiction halted. But recently, with being at home and needing some form of escapism, I picked up my habit again and watched through to the end of season 4. And my lord… I was not ready for this.

Honestly, I find the writing and character development on OITNB to be such a standout in a saturated market. I love how the focus is on women, and on women prisoners no less, and how each is afforded a back story that humanises their otherwise nameless, faceless existence.

Anyway, this season had been so tense the whole time, and then the last episode… I was in tears. Absolute tears, and completely heartbroken. Now, I like being a little sad, it’s true — but the emotional eruption OITNB unleashed simply a brutal testament to their incredible storytelling. Now I’m just a-waitin’ for season 5 to come round — in the meantime, I’m contemplating reading the book just to tide myself over.

Saturday Six: My Favourites Of The Week

4. Magazine: Vogue Australia

I’m not generally a Vogue reader — it is a little avant garde and bourgoisie and so on for me. Fashun isn’t my life — but I do like pretty things. Hence, why I was tempted into picking up the December issue which comes with a FREE T-SHIRT. Lol, seriously though.

You’ll know from my recent Priceline post that I enjoy free stuff, especially when it’s good quality items that I’ll use. And being a real jeans-and-t-shirt kinda gal (aka not a Vogue gal), this really spoke to me.

On top of this, I do like thumbing through a thick-papered, beautifully curated publication on a lazy weekend… one of life’s small pleasures.

Saturday Six: My Favourites Of The Week

5. Travel: Singapore

About three weeks ago, on the way back to Melbourne from KL, we stopped off in Singapore… and it was magnificient. Admittedly, we didn’t end up seeing too much of Singapore proper — but we did stay in an epic hotel (the Regent).

The thing with Singapore, in my opinion, is that it has enough similarities to Malaysia, but it’s that bit swaggier. Singapore means business (literally), and they don’t mess around. I would highly recommend staying at the Regent if you’re ever in the area — total luxury experience, totally worth it.

6. Tech: iPhone 7 (rose gold)

I was never an Apple girl. I gave zero hoots about any of the launches, keynotes, Steve Jobs, blah blahs. But then Gavin slowly introduced me to his Macbook… and from then on I was hooked. I genuinely used to find Apple products really difficult to navigate, but I guess once you get the hang of it, they’re simple and amazing (obviously).

I had held onto my secondhand iPhone 5s for a good while, through a problematic battery and frustratingly common storage issues. But then, again enabled prompted by Gav, I upgraded to a 7… and oh how my life has changed. I of course got the 256gb one, because I fill up storage space like nothing else, and I am loving the speed. I just can’t seem to slow it down!

The camera is also amazing, and makes it so easy to take quick snaps on the go. I also got an epic rose gold VRS Design phone case for it (Korean, of course), which has a little stand so I can watch my YouTube videos with ease. Game, set, match, Apple.

Saturday Six: My Favourites Of The Week

And that’s my six for the week! Let me know how you liked this post — and I’ll be back with some new picks next week.

Happy Saturday y’all!

Steph x