The Incredible Beauty Freebies Priceline Gave Me

I’m a big fan of Priceline. For the uninitiated, Priceline is Australia’s answer to Boots or perhaps CVS — a magical place where dreams come true. And they sell stuff. Lots of stuff, especially beauty things. Hence, my love for it. 

So of course, upon my return to Melbs, I just had to check the Priceline website for a little click through their catalogue. As a “member” from way back when, I’ve always been a big fan of their catalogues — as the actually have good “deals” on products I’d like. Plus, the just make it look so tempting, and who am I to resist?!

The day I checked the site, there just so happened to be an amazing deal that was finishing up the next day. And when I say amazing I mean — spend $69 and get a goodie back worth $290 (or something like that)! It seemed too good to be true, and I needed buy some stuff anyway… so off I trotted to my local store.

In this post, I just wanted to show you the gift back that I was rewarded with — the actual products I bought may feature in another post (and were very SPF heavy, for this dry, hot Aussie summer).


First of all, the gifts actually came in a beach bag, which are always useful and I thought was a very nice touch. It’s a huge blue bag, very bendable and easy to carry — perfect for throwing things in for the beach, or a sleepover (if you are into those).

Next up, the products.

It was actually quite a struggle for me to fit them all in one shot… but I persevered for y’all!


Here’s a full run down of everything I was given (with Amazon links when I could find them!):

Honestly, I thought this gift bag was super generous, and I’m glad I got in there quick! A few things I’m really excited about trying: the Garner BB Cream + Blur (have read about this online and am curious to give it a whirl); also the Manuka Doctor one, because I have apparently been mildly brainwashed by the Kardashians (despite trying my darnedest not to).

There is something about retail that I just love — and this goodie bag pretty much epitomises that! As someone who works online, going into a physical store, having a real interaction with someone, and walking out with a goodie bag of real, touchable products is just unbeatable. I dunno, there is just something about a great retail experience that really tickles my fancy.

Plus, free stuff. Hello!?


In my typical hoarder fashion, I am yet to try anything… not sure where to start! I think I’ll crack open the Aveeno tonight, simply because this dry Melbourne air is getting the best of my poor, previously supple skin.

Also, I think it’s pretty awesome how there’s actually a bunch of decent brands in there. Usually with these things, it would be on the lower end of high street brands, but with La Roche Posay, St. Tropez, and Nip + Fab (to name a few)… it’s pretty unreal, mate.

So that’s my rundown. Have you tried any of these? Which should I try first?! Help me decide in the comments!

Steph x

  1. Omg! That’s such an awesome freebie! Or rather bag of freebies! I’m the same way with samples and freebies, I hoard them and then take forever to use them XD I would probably use the sheet mask first since it’s the easiest… and I love sheet masks lol.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Yeah I thought it was super generous! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who hoards too, lol 😉 And good tip with the face mask — I’ll work through this in baby steps I think! xx

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