Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

As I mentioned in my last post, BB Cosmetic contacted me a little while back to try a couple things from their store. Being an avid K-beauty fan since way back when (2013), I of course was chuffed and excited to try a few new things. And how could I go past the April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack?

As far as change goes, I’m not always 100% on board. I generally like to stick to things I like: food, makeup, romantic partners (lol). Yep, I’m a ride-or-die kinda “chick”, whether we’re talking about smashed avo or my beloved. And I love that! But I also occasionally like to go massively off piste and throw a spanner in the works — just to see what happens.

Which is why I chose this bubbly, frothy, pinky mask!

Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a face mask — despite having hoards of them tucked away in my stash, I don’t use them nearly often enough. In fact, it may be that my avalanche of sheet masks has turned into a slightly overwhelming physical and emotional mass that I, quite frankly, just don’t want to deal with right now.

And so I go on about my merry days, with slightly drier and surely more lacklustre skin than I need to put up with.

All of this is leading up to the fact that I’ve reached a turning point, and decided to dip my toe into the bubble mask K-beauty craze that has been going on for a while now. The Korean beauty industry ain’t no fool, and they give the people what they want: increasingly bizarre novelty cosmetics that actually are amazing for your skin, too. Win-win!

So let’s start with this packaging. The box was (of course) super cute, with little pig ears and bubbly writing. It got a little bent out of shape on the way back from KL via Singapore, but rest assured it was still adorable!

Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

I really like how the tub is made of soft matte plastic — it feels pretty high quality for a high street brand. That’s one of the things I love about K-beauty: even the street brands are always trying to lift their game. And in a niche as competitive as Korean cosmetics, that’s a smart attitude to have.

Onto the consistency: it’s sort of like pink goo. It really is. I’ve never encountered a beauty product quite like this before (although perhaps this is how most bubble packs are? I’m really not sure, hence my n00b status). The scent isn’t my fave: not too chemically, but just a little odd. But that still didn’t halt my intrigue.

Okay, now to the application. This starts getting a lil’ bubbly in the tub, but nothing like when you start applying it to your visage. It comes with a spatula, which I am always in favour of, although it does make it quite fiddly and tricksy. Couple this with the fact that it bubbles up (obviously) and becomes a lot more voluminous than when you first put it on, and you’ve got yourself one high maintenance face mask!

I must admit, the bubble effect was heaps o’ fun though:

Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

Review: April Skin Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack

In terms of what it did for my skin? Not a lot, I’d say. In fact, I found this really tricky to remove — would definitely recommend using a face towel instead of your bare, raw hands. It leaves quite a lot of goop, which then needs to be washed off a million times, which then leaves my face with that “too clean” squeaky feeling.

In fact, this product unfortunately did what I was hoping it wouldn’t do: dried out my skin that little bit too much. Now, I do have sensitive skin, and for others this may not be such a problem… but it did preclude me from reaching for this mask.

Furthermore, everything on the box is in Korean, so there’s no English instructions nor ingredients list. This obviously makes it slightly more… unpredictable, and could be an issue for a lot of people.

All in all, if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, I would say that this is worth a shot, particularly if you just want to add a little spice to your nighttime routine (I’m talking skincare here, people!). And it does look super adorable, which never hurts.

But for long-term effects, deep cleansing, or even maintaining the pH balance of my skin… this is not the one.

I do want to give a big shoutout to the good peeps at BB Cosmetic for letting me test this baby out, and do want to emphasise that they have loads of other products available (many of which I’ve tried and loved).

Thanks for reading — and keep an eye out for more content round these ways! I’ve been buying a shedload of cosmetics (#need) and am dying to share my thoughts with y’all. I’m currently waiting to move into our dream apartment (more on this later) which is why things have been a tad sporadic… but I’m getting my mojo back!

You could call it a Christmas miracle 😉

Until next time,

Steph x

* This item was provided for review by BB Cosmetic. All opinions are my own.


  1. Looking fab as always – even in your bubbly face mask 😉 The search for a hydrating and illuminating face mask continues, I guess! Xx

    1. Thanks boo! Yeah it was an interesting one — definitely novel. But not something I’d use every day/week! Yes, the search goes on… it’s a hard life for some! 😉

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