The Innisfree Mascara For Natural-Looking Eyes

As someone with incredibly long, but incredibly light, eyelashes, mascara can make all the difference.

I used to wonder why all those “celebrities with no make-up” pictorials really didn’t look so bad (or different) from their made up faces, until one day I realised: some people are just born with naturally more defined (and darker-lashed) eyes. The same applies for skin tone: I find darker skin tones are much more forgiving on blemishes and redness than lighter skin tones — which I just like to see as a challenge!

Suffice to say, I’ve realised that mascara is pretty much my key makeup eye-tem for transforming my look.

The problem is, I often find it quite tedious to apply it, and especially to remove it. Although I do it every night, I generally don’t look forward to taking off my eye makeup in particular. And hell, if it’s waterproof mascara, then game over! Show me someone that enjoys removing waterproof mascara, and I’ll show you an A-grade liar!

So here I am, torn between wanting big doll eyes, and being overcome with laziness in both applying and removing it. What’s a girl to do?!

Enter Innisfree’s Skinny Longlongcara, which I recently picked up while in Korea. Actually, I picked up two of them, because it was 1+1 and Korea is awesome like that. I’d been in the market for a new mascara for quite a while, as I just hadn’t found any I really loved. I never used to be picky about my mascaras, as I thought they all  just did the same thing, but then I also used to straighten my hair with an iron… so, you know.

The Innisfree Mascara For Natural-Looking Eyes

One of the things I love about this mascara — actually, the main thing — is that it doesn’t overdo it. Some recent mascaras I’d been glumly using would pack on the product like it was going out of fashion, leaving me with heaped lashes and a mess waiting to happen. Not cool. This one has a wee little brush that doesn’t load up with too much product — leading to natural, light lashes. Just what I want!

I also recently switched up my mascara style, thanks in part to a conversation with my friend Jenny in LA. I had been thinking about dropping the under-eye mascara, at least for a bit, to appease my laziness and halve the time it takes to apply it (also, to look better). Jenny suggested the same, and so, just like that, I started applying my mascara to top lashes only. And I’m really loving it!

It makes my nighttime routine that much easier, and also gives a more natural, younger look, while still (softly) highlighting my lashes. Yes, I can get on board with this.

As a side note, I also find it quite novel to have the handle of the wand to be longer than the lid — took a moment to get used to, but it’s one of those K-beauty quirks I always appreciate. Honestly, I’m such a big fan of this mascara, and if you’re after a light, natural-looking mascara, you may just love it too.

Have you tried this mascara? Or do you have a favourite for natural eyes? I’d love to hear (and avoid any future panda-eyed moments) — let me know in the comments!

Steph x


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