Tea & Me: A Love Story

I’m in love with tea.

It’s true; it’s been a long time coming, and for the keen observer, it’s pretty obvious. I’ve never tried to hide it, although my interest has admittedly waxed and waned over the years. But I recently made a commitment to renew my passion for this divine drink, and by golly, I’m so glad I did.

There’s something about tea; it’s understandable that wars were waged over these seemingly simple leaves. While coffee leaves me buzzed and like I’m about to pop at any given moment, tea has a similar effect to a lullaby: soothing, calming, peaceful, and like I’m about ready to pass out (or maybe that’s just me).

Either way, I wanted to celebrate my love of the tea leaf, both bagged and loose, by shedding some light on my favourites du jour. Our tea collection has actually gotten out of control — in the best kind of way — and is slowly by surely taking over our kitchen counter… so this is but a mere sample.


Tea & Me: A Love Story

Waitrose Dandelion, Fennel & Ginger Infusion Root Tea

This happens to be the tea I’m sippin’ on now, and a bonafide fave of mine. Ever since I discovered the amazing, throat-warming powers of liquorice root (served to me at Aesop, in what was one of the best shopping experiences evah), I’ve been fiending for a tea with this golden ingredient. Et voila.

Tracked down at Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar, this British import is the perfect non-caffeinated tea for rainy afternoons, calm nights, or just any time, really. The ginger keeps you warm, the dandelion gives it an earthy, herbal taste, the fennel does… well, I don’t really know what fennel does to be honest, but I’m sure it’s good, and then the liquorice root just brings it home and makes the word “aftertaste” actually sound appealing. Perfection.

Dave’s Tea “Oh Canada!” 

My bae Sigute brought this back for me from Canada last year, and this was when I knew I loved her. This beautiful tea comes in a gorge tin, and it reminds me loads of T2 tea I used to have. Basically, it looks super fance.

It’s also a delicious blend of rooibis tea and MAPLE BITS (well, toffee and candy leaves), which goes down nicely. This is the perfect morning tea: a little bit of a kick with the black tea, and a touch of sweetener to start your day. But to be honest, I drink this tea at any time — it’s just that good.

OSK Japanese Green Tea (Sencha)

This one is my jam at the mo’ (did I sound cool there?). I have been very into green tea for a good 10 years now (late bloomer), but only recently have my eyes been opened to the bounties of Japanese green tea. My god, I could guzzle this stuff back for dayz — and I often do.

There is something about high-quality, cloudy, authentic Japanese green tea which just hits the spot for me. I mean, when you see a Japanese person (especially the women), and how amazing their skin is, it’s wise to copy emulate them in every possible way. Drinking traditional Japanese green tea is one of these ways.

I vaguely know the difference between matcha and sencha comes down to the leaves, and matcha is usually a powder, and I don’t discriminate but… I’m really obsessed with sencha right now. If the stuff I’m sippin’ on is green, I’m a happy camper.

Tea & Me: A Love Story

Marks & Spencer Morrocan Mint Infusion Tea

When we were in Montreal, my boo boo Sammie got me hooked on Moroccan mint tea: an eye-opening revelation that contained not only peppermint, but spearmint. What genius. This completely changes the taste of traditional peppermint tea, so it becomes a more rounded, fuller tea “experience”. It just tastes better, ok?

I couldn’t find the brand that she had (it was always sold out at the Montreal grocery store, understandably), but I found this one in Gardens Mall once we were back in KL. Of course, I love M&S, and while this doesn’t quite have the same hit the Montreal one did (I can’t remember the brand name right now, sozzy), but still, it’s delicious. Plus, it comes in pyramid bags, which always makes me feel super bougie (this is a good thing), and it’s also mixed with green tea. Not too shabby.

Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla Real Leaf Tea

Gav recently brought back this tea from Australia for me (along with a whole bunch of Aussie gifts, as shown on my Instagram), and it’s just frickin’ delicious. It smells like rosewater, and really reminds me of Arabic food — in fact, it tastes like Turkish delight. Sweet, fragrant, and smooth.

The black tea also isn’t too strong, so this works for an after-dinner tea, as well as in the morning. It’s just a treat to drink, comes in the sexy prism tea bags, and is sure easier on the hips than baklava. Yes, ma’am!

Marks & Spencer Organic Green Tea with Jasmine

Bonus round! This was a Gav purchase — he is much more into jasmine tea than I am. I definitely go on-off with it, and admit that it goes down easy after a filling rice-heavy meal, but otherwise… it’s not my first preference. But still, the green tea is tasty (as always) and it feels very cleansing.

So there you have it: my fave teas right now. How about you? Are you obsessed with tea like me? Share your finds in the comments below — there’s always room in my collection for more!

Steph x

  1. Ooh so the Dandelion tea is a goodie, innit? I have it sitting (untouched) in my tea cabinet… impulse purchase that I will now be testing as per your high recommendations. 😉 But my #1 Waitrose is still the Vanilla Rooibos.

    As per ALL time favourite tea: *Stash* Spiced Chai. I know you don’t love Chai… but it’s only because you haven’t tried this one. O_o

    1. Ooh that sounds yum! Yeah, I occasionally have black tea as well (so simple, so delicious), but now my collection has gotten a tad more exotic and out of hand… But the more, the merrier! 🙂

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