Dining at Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Hi friends! Long time no chat. This year, we’ve popped over to Australia twice (because why not? Also, weddings) and I my focus has been slightly sapped. And by slightly I mean totally — I’ve let work get in the way of my creative life once again… and that just does not work for me!

Instead, I wanted to introduce you to a nice little ritual Gav and I have developed over the past few months. It involves heading to Jason’s Food Hall in Bangsar Shopping Centre, and eating up a storm. If you think you can get on board with that, then read on! 

Firstly, I’ve been encouraged by a certain someone to start eating pastries for breakfast. Not the healthiest start to the day, I’ll admit, but definitely a delicious one. Plus, it’s just so Parisienne, non? And let me tell you, the pastries at Jason’s are the best I’ve ever had (seriously).

So I need to add at this point, that I’m not really going to be reviewing the whole Jason’s Food Hall so much as the bakery that’s a part of it. When you’re heading into Jason’s, you’ll see there’s a really nice open-plan set up, with fancy teas, imported chocolate, nougat… basically any delight you could ever want. It’s pretty sweet (pun not intended, but indeed welcomed). However, it’s the little bakery section to the left of the entrance that’s really captured my heart.

They bake fresh pastries every day, and if you go early (they open at 8am — score!) you’ll get the catch of the day. Super crispy but soft in the middle, with sweet fruit or chocolate as you wish… just divine. It’s so amazing that, in the middle of Malaysia, these French delicacies are available. And it’s been a long while since I was in France, but I’m pretty sure these are legit (all the expats seem to think so, too).

Here’s a little glimpse of the bakery section:

Dining at Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The apple danish third from the left is my preferred dish, but Gav is more impartial to the maple danish, which actually has maple syrup inside and is a soft, fluffy, sticky dream. The first time we went, they also had a cherry danish which was incredible but I haven’t seen it since. I think they change things up sometimes, and perhaps things are slightly seasonal… but I’m still waitin’ for that cherry!

Another great thing about dining at Jason’s bakery is the coffee. As someone who is now anti-milk, I’ve found that my palette has become heightened — which has translated into slight coffee snobbery. Ever-so-slight… but it’s definitely there! Basically, now that I don’t douse my coffee in milk and sugar, I can taste the differences between the roasts and the way the coffee is made (crema, I’m looking at you!). And the long black at Jason’s are to die for.

Here’s an action shot I took mid-feast:

Dining at Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Now, the thing with this bakery is that, as I said, everyone loves it — which means it can get pretty busy at times. Also, the setup of the cashier isn’t ideal, as there’s only one sales assistant available to help customers, so it sort of leads to a snake of people waiting to pay and salivating over their trays of pastries. But if you go earlier, or if you’re not too hungry to wait, this isn’t a big deal. Plus, time moves slower in Malaysia, so I take it as a way to practice patience and relaaax.

I really like sitting at the circular bar — you get to people watch, and it also give a good view of the wine cellar behind it (plus there’s usually jazz playing, so it makes me feel rather cultured and European).

Here’s a little glimpse of my view:

Dining at Jason's Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The baristas are really nice and do a great job. I find that this bakery is such a pleasure to sit in (even when there’s a few wild children screaming… all par for the course) because they know who they’re catering to — mainly expats. Gav once asked for a piccolo latte and they didn’t bat an eyelash, so the service level is pretty darn high.

Basically, if you’re looking for somewhere with fine European pastries, great coffee, ambient music and surrounded by wine (!!!), then I highly recommend the bakery at Jason’s. It really doesn’t get better than this! Our friends recommended this to us a long time ago, and we never looked back.

How about you? If you’re living in KL, do you have any other breakfast recommendations? I’m currently on the lookout for a good Aussie-style smashed avo… let me know what’s up!

Steph x