Two of My Favourite Shower Staples

Hey y’all,

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a hoarder of the nth degree. Especially when it comes to cosmetics… but it doesn’t always have to be. I have been known to hold onto primary school assignments, Christmas cards (they’re so lovely!), receipts, plane ticket stubs… all sorts of useless junk that clutters my space. Yes, it’s a problem. But the thing is, sometimes this clutter is absolutely amazing and worth every inch of space it consumes. And these two products definitely fall into the latter category. 

So what exactly am I talking about? Why, The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk and Bedhead Tigi’s Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner, of course!

First of all, I picked up the Rice Water Cleansing Milk a while ago, and blogged about it on here. I have received a number of comments for a review, so I’m giving the people what they want, goshdarnit!

And the conditioner I also got a long while ago — way back in March, would you believe. I went to get my hair done at Frank Salon in Bangsar South, and my silky smooth locks after my session convinced me to purchase this green baby.

So that’s their story. Now what do I think of them? Well read on, dear reader!

The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk and Bedhead Tigi’s Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner

I’m going to start with the cleanser, because… well, we often start with cleansing, don’t we? So one thing about this cleanser first off, is that it’s great for sensitive skin. I’ve often talked about having the world’s most sensitive skin (official title), and if I put even one foot out of line… ooh boy, am I gonna pay the price for it.

Luckily, with a product like this! I don’t have to worry about facing the wrath of my temperamental skin, because it’s so darn soft and luscious. This is a real treat for the skin, and I find it always leaves my skin feeling really moisturized. It smells delicious (like a really nice fabric softener… that may sound weird, but I love that clean fabric softener smell!) and doesn’t cause any reaction on my face whatsoever.

Here’s a look at the creamy consistency:

A swatch of the Face Shop's Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk
A swatch of the Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk

(Please note that I took this photo with my left hand bandaged up, making everything awkward in general, causing my right hand to move around and the product to slip n’ slide.)

Now, a few words of warning for those of you thinking of using this product. I don’t find it to be the strongest remover of makeup or grime, which is why it is good to use as a second step in your cleansing routine, or perhaps in the morning — but not if you’ve had a long day out in a grimy city with a full face of makeup on. Getting my drift? Not the most high-intensity cleanser, but as I said, this means it’s great for sensitive skin.

Also, because it’s such a creamy consistency, it can sometimes feel like there’s a bit of residue left on the skin. Of course, this depends on how you remove the product (I like a face cloth with hot water… is there anything better in this world?!) and also your skin’s properties. Everything has an upside: while this wouldn’t be great for oil-prone skin, it would be perfect for those on the drier side. As I live in KL, the humidity often leaves me looking a tad shiny, so I prefer this one when my skin’s going through a dry patch.

Overall, however, I love this cleanser and really feel spoiled when I use it. For such a budget-friendly price, I think The Face Shop did a good job at making this feel expensive.

Okay, onto the next one! So as I mentioned, I purchased the Bed Head Tigi Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner back at Frank Salon, although I only started using it a few months ago. I’ve gone through this one quite slowly, simply because it’s so rich and nourishing that you only need to use a small amount to get a great effect. When I use this conditioner, I find that my hair is way more nourished and just easier to manage. Again, I am blessed with quite difficult, dry, flyaway-prone hair (but it also gets greasy easily), so it’s important for me to find hair products that give moisture without weighing it down.

I love how this product smells, and I feel pretty darn fancy using it. I’ll be honest, it certainly wasn’t cheap (least of all, here in Malaysia, where you can get a lot of things for a very decent price), but I figured it was worth the investment — and I wasn’t wrong. I’m actually not sure what product I’m going to move on to next, as I don’t have a backup conditioner in my stash (although I do have a million backup cleansers and moisturisers… go figure). I would definitely repurchase this one — perhaps when I’m feeling rather spendy and indulgent (which is most of the time).

Here’s a snap of the ingredients list for both of these products, for those of y’all interested and with very good eyesight:

The ingredients lists with a view

So, that’s the lowdown on these two shower faves of mine. I love these two babies (and their high-quality plastic packaging), and would definitely recommend both of them to y’all.

You can pick up The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Milk here and Bed Head Tigi Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner here.

Have you tried either of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

Steph x