KL Cuisine #5: Bedrock Cafe, Subang Jaya

A little while ago, I had a real urge to get out of my little expat bubble and try somewhere a bit new. By ‘new’ I mean ‘a nice, clean Uber ride away to still delicious food’. I actually gave Gav my phone to scroll through the ‘Malaysian Cafes’ feed, and he stumbled across an amazing-looking baked eggs dish. It was on, and there was no going back from that. 

So in the Uber we got and took a 20ish minute drive to Subang Jaya. I don’t really know much about this area, but it seems to be a bit of an Asian cuisine hub. I wouldn’t say Chinatown (because it’s not), but it was in the Taipan district so that makes sense. The cafe at hand, Bedrock, happened to be upstairs above a little street food-style shop. It’s an interesting juxtaposition with the cafe itself, which is very modern, beautiful and trendy.

Bedrock Cafe 🙂

I really liked the decor of this cafe, it’s really beautiful and cool, with lots of flowers and light everywhere. The owner, Nicholas, came and greeted us and promptly brought over menus. He also brought a sheet with the images of the dishes, to help us decide. Both he and our waitress were super friendly and made us feel very at ease.

The beautiful kitchen area
The beautiful kitchen area

I was coming with the expectation of having eggs on toast, but I decided to be a little more experimental and order the Kimchi Fried Rice. Basically, this was kimchi bokkumbab, just done a little bit fancier. Something about it was so creamy though, it was incredible! The egg was perfectly, lightly cooked, and the yolk was nice and runny so I could mix it into the rice. Also, it was served in a claypot so the rice could keep cooking and get crunchy around the edges, which is so delicious. It was perfection.

My kimchi bokkumbab (fried rice)... amazing.
My kimchi bokkumbab (fried rice)… amazing.

As for Gav, he ordered the aforementioned baked eggs and they were divine, too. Super soft, creamy eggs, with capsicum, cherry tomatoes, chicken and served with crusty bread. It also came with a yoghurt sauce infused with rosemary, which blended really nicely and added a nice calming creaminess. So so yum.

Delicious baked eggs :)
Delicious baked eggs 🙂

And then there was the cofffee. Gav ordered an iced long black, and I got a hot one. The beans had an almost chocolatey flavour, which you could taste in both the hot and cold version. The iced coffee was so refreshing, and the hot one had the perfect crema. It was just delicious. Nothing more I can say about that!

The perfect long black.
The perfect long black.

All in all, coming to Bedrock Cafe was a great experience and I would definitely be back. The menu here isn’t too large, but it has a nice range of dishes, and everything is done to a really high standard. I would much rather this than an epic menu only halfway done. On top of this, the ambience was really calm and refreshing, and the people were so nice. It was just a beautiful experience and was so nice to visit somewhere new in KL.

Sweet drinks selection, too!

Have you been to Bedrock? Let me know — and if you have any KL cafe or restaurant recommendations, I’m all ears. A foodie’s love for food never dies!

Until next time,

Steph x