Happy 4th of July, Y’all!

Yo yo! Today I thought I would acknowledge and celebrate the 4th of July because, despite not being American myself, a lot of you lovely readers are and that’s reason enough for me. Plus, we recently had “America Day” at my workplace and I dressed up in red, white and blue so it all ties in perfectly! Finding convenient and easy ways to do things is an American thing to do too, so this is going perfectly.

Here is me lookin’ all “farm girl” for y’all:

My in my red, white and blue <3
My in my red, white and blue <3

On a more serious note, one of the things I’m really enjoying about my time here is the mix of people I am surrounded by which, to me, is a very American sentiment. At my workplace, there are people from all sorts of countries, and we all learn things about each other’s way of life every day. Reminds me of the Land of Opportunity and the place that gives everyone a fair chance, no matter where you came from. This always resonated with me and is one of the things I love about America.

Another thing that I’d like to celebrate today is hamburgers. Yes, it’s slightly less serious than the above paragraph, but it means almost as much to me. Recently I’ve been eating so many hamburgers and cheeseburgers, I’m genuinely quite surprised I haven’t begun to take on burger form. There’s just something so good about a juicy patty, fresh vegetables and soft, toasted bread buns that you can’t quite express in words. But I know you feel me, dear reader. You feel me.

(FYI, my favourite burger is the Aussie Burger with cheese at Chilli Espresso. If you’re in KL, don’t hesitate, go go go!)

All in all, despite the weird, crazy ish that comes out about the States sometimes, I do have a lot of love for that country. We all know the media is messed up, and if you believed everything you read and heard about Australia, you would absolutely hate us. Instead, know that you only need to hate Tony Abbot and the rest of our incompetent, laughable government.

Instead, my memories of America are always about the people. When Gav and I went to New York five years ago (!!!), we were lost in the Upper East Side, which is full of the ritzy, glitzy, wealthy inhabitants of Manhattan. So you’d think people would be rude… but instead, an older lady approached us, asked if we were lost and then walked us to where we needed to go. It was nighttime and she didn’t have to go out of her way at all, but she did. This sort of thing happened numerous times in the supposedly rude city of New York… and it just goes to show you how kind people really are.

Of course, in light of the recent amazingness which is the legalisation of gay marriage, my fondness for the U S of A has gone up tenfold. I only hope Australia can follow suit (as they usually do). America, to me, is a place of trendsetters and wild ambition. There is something magical about that.

So, to all my lovely American readers, I hope you have a happy Independence Day surrounded by those you love.

With love from your good ol’ American farm girl (yeehaw!),

Steph x

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