Sample Sundays: feat. lots and lots of Skinfood!

The Sample Motherload
The Sample Motherload

Hey y’all!

It’s that time again where we go through my trash finished samples and I tell y’all what I think. This time, I happened to use a lot of Skinfood samples, as I used to stash them away and save them up because I thought they were so cute and delicious-sounding (I still feel that way). There’s a lot to get through this time around, so shall we get started? 

Skinfood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum

I have mentioned this previously, but never actually used and reviewed it. This was creamier than I was expecting (for a serum), and only had a faint apple scent. Then again, perhaps the small amount included in the sample didn’t let me fully experience the orchard-y goodness. Either way, it smoothed onto my skin really nicely and didn’t leave it feeling heavy. It seemed like more of a mixture between an emulsion and a serum, but it did moisturise my skin and for that, I ain’t complaining.

Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam

This was an interesting one! As you can probably tell from its name, this product has more of a jelly consistency and foams up when you rub it onto wet skin. Funnily enough, I didn’t get a “tea” scent at all from this; rather, it reminds me of talcum powder or another sort of powdery, “clean” scent. It was quite enjoyable, just not what I thought I was getting. I liked this product because the jelly seemed to make it a gentle cleanser and it didn’t strip my skin. If you need a good clean but don’t want to lose all the moisture from your skin, this is a good one to try!

Skinfood Watery Berry Eye Cream

Watery Berry, what a cute name ey? I had received a whole bunch of samples from this line, but I’m not a huge fan of (or very knowledge about) eye creams, and so this one fell by the wayside. No longer! It has a fresh, tangy scent and that clear gel consistency that most eye creams have (or at least that’s what I presume they have). I couldn’t tell you if this erased all my wrinkles, because, well, can any eye cream do that? All I know is that it didn’t irritate my delicate eye area and it absorbed quickly. Seems good to me!

Skinfood Black Pomegranate Serum

This little baby comes with no English translation and a whole lotta mystery. my understanding is that the Black Pomegranate Serum comes in two parts, where you add a “Secret Recipe” component and mix it and shake to make some serum-y magic. Well, I just used this one as a serum and it certainly sufficed. As a self-confessed pomegranate lover, this was never going to be anything other than amazing, but it sure is nice to smell family sweet-and-tangy scent of this miraculous fruit once more. I really like the Black Pomegranate line, as I made abundantly clear in this post, and this is another great addition to the fam.

Skinfood Black Pomegranate Cream and Skinfood Black Pomegranate Filler

Oh look, here’s more! I’m going to make these quick because we all know: I love pomegranates. So the “filler” is somewhat of an emulsion, and the cream is, well, a cream. I find this line really calming and moisturising but not too heavy. Two thumbs up from me!

Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream

This is the only one out of the bunch where I wasn’t a huuuuge fan. The smell put me off a little bit: it’s a bit bitter, sort of medicinal and… unpleasant. It was a little bit heavy for an eye cream too, less like the gel texture I described above and more like a night cream. A little bit too much, if I’m honest. Oh Skinfood, whyyyy?!

Skinfood Royal Honey Hydro Essence

Ah, calm waters at long last. This was another fun and quirky product from Skinfood, a niche I think they do surprisingly well. This has quite a thick gel texture and is really easy to apply. The scent is quite sweet, not strictly like honey, more like honey-scented bath products (funnily enough). I found this really nourishing for an essence and would definitely consider purchasing more products from this line.

Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence

This is a really light essence and one that I think would be easy to use during the daytime. It doesn’t weight my skin down, but it definitely moisturises, and isn’t that the perfect combination? I also like how the scent is very mild; this would also be useful if you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin. I haven’t had much experience with Innisfree products but feel as if I should give them more of a go. This was a lovely product and a pleasure to use!

A’Pieu Pure Block Natural Sun Cream Daily SPF 45 PA+++

This is a nice, light suncream that smells like a perfume. Seriously! I’m quite the fan of easy-to-wear sunblocks, because often I think people (ie. me) are put off from wearing SPF due to the shine factor. But SPF is not something you can mess with (well, again, I certainly can’t). This sort of reminds me of the Chanel UV Essentiel Sun Lotion that I talked about here, in that it’s not the heaviest or perhaps the strongest way to block the sun’s rays – but it’s lightweight texture does mean you’ll actually do it.

Laneige Water Bank Essencepreviously reviewed here

And that brings me to the end of this week’s sample haul! Rest assured that I’m already hard at work on the next lot – samples never sleep!

How about you? What have you tried/loved this week?

Steph x