More Products I Finished (aka Revenge of the Empties)

Me empties
Me empties

Just before I left Korea, I found a stash of empties in my cupboard but didn’t have time to film a video or really do anything with them. But I had worked long and hard to finish these products, so I wasn’t about to let that go unnoticed, dagnabit! So, I took a quick pic and then promptly took them downstairs to be recycled and disposed of forever. Wanna know my thoughts on these babies? Read on! 

Eucerin 50+ Sun Lotion Extra Light

I inherited this from a girl who was leaving Guri as I got there, and I’m glad I did. I need to be real careful in the sun, even if it doesn’t seem that harsh because that’s when it will get you! Trust me (I’m not paranoid)! Anyway, this is a French brand that I hadn’t used before but I was quite pleased with. The scent wasn’t the best but I liked the formula of this sun cream and didn’t find it too cloying. It was a little runny so I wasn’t 100% sure it would cover me on super bright days, but on medium-strength sun (yes, there are levels) I think it was great. Of course, I am pretty conservative with my sun cream so this should be fine for most people. I have a bit of a thing for French brands, and this was no exception!

L’Occitane Shea Butter Rich Cream

I reviewed this here and not too much needs to be explained, except for the fact that this is seriously rich. In hot and humid climates such as Malaysia (where it gets seriously sticky) this is unnecessary, but in freezing cold Korean winters, this will save you.

Beyond Aqua Bloom Face Cream

Gavin bought me a gift set from Beyond for Christmas, as I was really keen to try a Korean brand not tested on animals. This moisturiser was one of the products (obvs), and I enjoyed using it. It has an almost gel-like texture, and is lightweight – perfect for the warmer months. This would actually be nice to have here with me in KL, as it nourished my skin without leaving it feeling heavy. Alas, Beyond is not available here, but I would give it a go if you have oilier skin or tend to get that way!

Aesop B & Tea Balancing Toner

Oh Aesop. You beautiful, devastatingly expensive brand, you. I first tried this brand when my brother gave me these products in a gift set for Christmas, and it changed my life. They are just a pleasure to use. All of them. Everything. Honestly, Aesop could never do anything wrong in my eyes. I talked about this product here, so head there if you’re interested in some unbalanced gushing.

Aesop Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream

Another beauty, another rave. I finished this ages ago but just kept the pot around to hold eyeliners in… as normal people do. This cream is actually quite on the heavy side (almost a little too heavy), and again would be specifically for those with drier skin or living in cold, treacherously dry climates. However, it does feel very luxurious and like you’re wearing a million dollars on your face (kind of appropriate). Read more here if you’re keen.

Freeman Coconut & Guava Toning Body Lotion

Coconut AND guava?! Are you kidding me?! This has to be the best smelling product in the history of the universe, and if I could drink it, I would. It smells divine. Plus, it moisturised well too. I also really like that this product comes in a squeezy tube, which makes application really easy and quick. A billion thumbs up from me.

psssst! Dry Shampoo

I inherited this from a friend of mine, and went on to buy a second bottle as soon as I finished it. Dry shampoo is a saviour that I never really understood – until now. Yes, occasionally it gets a little white up in the roots, but it’s nothing a little massaging can’t fix. Plus, this brand doesn’t test on animals. Much good, many like.

CLIO Perfection UV Cooling Spray

This was my first foray into sunscreen sprays… and it wasn’t a good one. This was seriously fume-y (as in its smell, not its anger) and made it sort of difficult to breath. Plus, it required rubbing in anyway and just wasn’t that pleasant to use. It was 1+1 though! Winning!

Cococare 100% Coconut Oil

I can’t remember the brand of this product (update: it’s Cococare!), and the packaging is long gone… but just know I bought this off iHerb and it was pretty amazing. As it says, it’s pure coconut oil which can be used for many things: oil pulling (yep), hair treatment, body moisturiser… the list goes on. But just don’t use it as a face moisturiser (if I could be so forward). Anyway, I enjoyed making my legs all shiny with this stuff… good times.

And that’s it for this big empties haul! There is way more where this came from, so get ready and I’ll keep you posted!

Also, apologies for disruptions in our regular scheduled programming – the past few days have been a bit tricky for me hence the missed posts. But I’ve got a few things in the works (hint: videos) so stay tuned!

Love y’all xxx

  1. Hob I can’t believe you had to throw out Aesop! I am now converted and love Aesop ever since you bought us the shower wash and the scrub! We STILL have it in our shower 1 year later and use it all the time – it has lasted forever!!!
    I love coconut oil – but I use it for cooking (lol) it is really good for you!
    Love you Hobba!

    1. Haha oooOoO hobbit I’m loving your regular comments! Don’t worry, empties are finished products and trust me, I used every last drop 😉 I actually went to Aesop today and the nice guy gave me loads of samples, so I’m going to drop an absolute bomb of money there tomorrow hehe. Nothing compares! And I’m glad coconut oil works for you too, it seems there are a million uses for one humble oil 🙂 Love you xoxo

    1. Haha yep it’s the coconut oil that never ends! Took me so long to use – not that I’m complaining 😉

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