Merry Christmas (or something)!

bokbokbok... it's two Christmas chickens!
bokbokbok… it’s two Christmas chickens!

Whatever the 25th of December means to you, I hope you’ve spent it/will spend it with people you love and food you love to eat. I know I did. In fact, I am just now considering going back for seconds of my mum’s delicious chicken with pistachios and cranberries – so what if it’s 11:15pm? A girl’s gotta eat (again)! 

Also – I know I’ve been really quiet on the blog front and there are reasons for this, I promise. Namely: burnout. Recently in Korea it has been so cold that it has been a struggle for me to do anything, ie. cook, wash my hair, get up, etc. So, blogging has unfortunately taken a bit of a backseat. However, I am currently back home in Melbourne and am already feeling much more refreshed and alive. So expect to see more from me in 2015. I’m coming for y’all!

Once again, Merry Christmukkah to you and now if I may just quietly induce myself into a food coma, that would be great. Have a good one.

Steph x