Sample Sundays feat. Etude House, Derma:B, Skinfood & Nature Republic!

Sample game strong
Sample game strong

Hi friends,

It’s that time again, the time where you sit down and cry because Monday is almost upon us. It’s also time for Sample Sundays, yay! So leggo!

Derma:B Daily Moisture Body Wash

I received this in a Memebox way back and have finally gotten around to using it. I don’t have anything too interesting to say about this product: it did its job, no more no less. Nothing outrageous but nothing upsetting either. Just a whole lot of… nothing? Perhaps this is better for those with sensitive skin as it was non-irritating, but if you’re into delicious, luxurious shower products… may I suggest looking elsewhere.

Etude House Super Collagen Essence

I bought the Etude House Super Collagen Cream eons ago, and at the time it came with a deluxe sample of this essence (edit: it’s still available!). Of course, being the hoarder I am, I tucked it away for a rainy day and have only just finished it. This has the exact same lemony scent as the moisturiser, and I found that this essence felt really light on my skin and not too sticky. It wasn’t anything too crazy, but it did the job nicely!

Nature Republic Argan Essential 20 Toner

I love this whole range, and the toner is no exception. The scent is divine and it seems to work really well with my skin. I find these products quite moisturising (perfect for winter) but not too heavy or sticky. They are just perfection! I am waiting for Nature Republic to stop testing on animals so that I can buy more of these babies… delicious.

Nature Republic Green Tea Toner

This is an oldie and I think it’s discontinued, so there’s not too much point to me reviewing it, but hey ho, here we are! I received this sample a long time ago and just buried it in a pile of bazillion samples that was cluttering my life. Since then, I have cut down my stash considerably, but a few sneaky old dogs still get through, and so I’m clamping down. This cute little bottle is one such sneaky dog, and it’s time has come. I just realised that these four lines have told you absolutely nothing about the product itself, so here is my micro review: is good, smells fresh, keeps you clean.

Nature Republic Snail Solution Foam Cleanser

As y’all probably know by now, I love the Nature Republic Snail Solution line. It’s really moisturising, feels great on my skin, is non-irritating (a big one for me) – and it smells great! What more could you want? This cleanser has a similar consistency to the rest of the products – that slightly sticky viscosity which holds all of the snail goodness. I really like this, five out of five slimy snails from me.

Skinfood Black Pomegranate Cream

Another winner on the scent front (as is the rest of this divine range), this cream was a nice, heavier-duty moisturiser that left my skin feeling quenched but not too heavy. I found that this cream absorbed into my skin quickly and it almost felt like it wasn’t there – which is a very good thing in my books!

Skinfood 20% Shea Butter Creamy Body Wash

A little while ago I talked about the matching body moisturiser, which came in a spray form (and which left my bathroom floor dangerously slippery). Well, this moisturiser once again has the exact same scent as its creamier counterpart, and I found that it was equally nourishing. For any of y’all that know shea butter, you know that it is a godsend, particularly in harsh, bitter winters (oh hay KorWithea). This doesn’t hold a candle to L’Occitane’s Almond Body Oil, but its a good budget competitor.

And that’s it for this week! By the way, I am going to start taking more photos of the products actually on my face (as was requested by one commenter) which makes more sense, I know. I usually write at night, when the light isn’t good and when my face isn’t good, either. But I will endeavour to take more daylight pics! So stay tuned.

Until next time (tomorrow),

Steph x

    1. Oh that is a very difficult question! Hmm… well I think the Snail Solution line is more moisturising and good for really cold and dry climates, but I am a little bit obsessed with the scent of the Argan line. Plus it’s also really moisturising, just a liiiittle bit lighter. So… if I’m having a normal skin day, the Argan line, but if I need a lot of moisture, the Snail line. Does that even answer the question? Lol 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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