My Whirlwind Tour of Melbourne + Aussie Favourites Video!

Hi friends!

Long time no see… firstly, sorry! And let me explain myself. Last week I mentioned that I was going away to Melbourne for a few days for my best friend’s engagement party. I had planned to write a number of posts and have them ready before going, buuut… a whole bunch of stress and busyness landed on my doorstop just days before leaving and I barely had time to catch my breath, let alone craft a witty, hilarious series of blog posts for y’all (as that is obviously the only way I work). I apologise for leaving you for so long! I missed being on here and I have soooo much to fill you in on ^^

But I’m back now! I just got in last Wednesday night, and I can say that my brief time back home was so fun and amazing and exhausting in the best possible way. I spent the whole time literally going from appointment to appointment in a determined effort to see all of my loved ones (and also to make it to my dentist… yep). I was booked up back to back without a minute to myself, and I’m glad I did because I won’t be back for a while and I wanted to squeeze as much as possible into my short time home.

Ever since then, I have been fondly reminiscing about my home country, the Lucky Country, and as much as I love Korea there really are just some things you can only get (or feel) at home. My feet in the ocean, the wide expanse of blue, blue sky and some to-die-for brunch pancakes at Las Chicas. Oh, and perhaps a Natio lip crayon or two 😉

So, I decided to make a video for y’all about some of my favourite things that I picked up while I was back in Melbourne. I sort of went a bit crazy buying things and realised after filming that I have a bunch more to tell you about, so I will unveil more items in future posts! Please note: this video is in no way profesh (in fact, very un-profesh) and I filmed it on Sunday when I was uber-tired from the night before so please forgive me. I just wanted to get something up for you guys, so I hope you enjoy!

See y’all soon,

Steph x