Spoiler Alert! A Rave Review of Nature Republic Argan 20° Steam Emulsion

Hi friends! Today I wanted to write a simple, honest rave review about one of my favourite Korean products. As you well know, I love Nature Republic and I’m pretty sure I always will. A love this strong has to be undying, right? Over the weekend, Etude House was having a sale, and I happened to break my no-shopping ban to check it out. But no matter how much I look elsewhere, I always come back to my home. Nature Republic just does it for me, in terms of quality, price, packaging, samples and service. I just love it so much!!! (Did you get that already?) So, a while ago I bought Nature Republic‘s Argan 20° Steam Emulsion. It actually sat on my shelf for a while before I opened it, and this is not something I’m proud of. Because it’s amazing!

Nature Republic Argan 20° Steam Emulsion <3
Nature Republic Argan 20° Steam Emulsion <3

Firstly, isn’t the box packaging cute? As I mentioned, Nature Republic is all about natural, eco-friendly ingredients and appearances. I think the box is really pretty and really quite intricate looking for such an affordable brand. Sa enticing! The reason why it took me a while to open this product is because I didn’t really know what to do with it or how to use it (yes, I buy things without having any idea of what their purpose is. This may or may not be a problem of mine!). All of the containers in this range is in what our kindergarten kids would call ‘yellow-green’, which isn’t necessarily my favourite but I don’t mind, really. I love the pump top, and also the fact that it comes with a lid protector (may or may not be the technical term), so I can easily pack it for travelling. Nice one, guys! If you read my post about the Korean skincare routine, you would already have an inkling that I loved this product. And you would be correct! But I want to reiterate my thoughts into a full post, because I feel this product deserves it. I really love it

A swatch of this delicious Nature Republic emulsion
A swatch of this delicious Nature Republic emulsion

I actually find this emulsion really moisturising and sometimes use it as the last step (as opposed to following it with a face cream, a la Korean style). It soaks into my skin and when I use it as part of my fancy Korean skincare routine, I do feel it makes my skin noticeably brighter. Gav definitely noticed the difference when I started incorporating the layered moisturising technique, and I feel that this Argan 20° Steam Emulsion has a big part to play in that. And he stares at my face more than anyone (and is the first to honestly and openly note any differences, good or bad) so that really is saying something! Have a look at it in action here:

... and swooshed around my skin. So smooth!
… and swooshed around my skin. So smooth!

You may also be wondering (as I was), what exactly is a steam emulsion? Well, it is similar to a steam cream (which are all the rage here in Korea), in that steam is injected into the mixture in order to fuse the ingredients together to create a smooth, hydrating texture… or so they tell me. This emulsion also contains fermented argan oil, which we hair oil lovers will know is your best friend when it comes to moisturising goodness. What I can tell you is that this emulsion makes my skin feel AMAZING. Here’s a peek at the (long) list of ingredients:

The ingredients listing in Nature Republic's Argan 20 Steam Emulsion
The ingredients listing in Nature Republic’s Argan 20 Steam Emulsion

Again, a lengthy list from Nature Republic but overwhelmingly full of natural extracts. As with most cosmetics (but not all, Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream!) water is the first ingredient. This seems understandable for a steam cream, but I am curious to try out Benton’s line as well as I love this stuff and also Nature Republic’s snail cream (another rave review to come, for sure).

Overall, however, this isn’t a huge issue for me and I cherish the fact that Nature Republic made this emulsion. It smells like a dessert and feels like heaven. I am in love and it feels so good! This is actually quite a creamy emulsion, and as I mentioned it can be used as the last step or with a cream on top. Basically it’s up to you. But I do think that it would suit a wide range of skin types because of this. Also, it is a very gentle emulsion and speaking as someone with the world’s most sensitive skin, I find it really soothing and calming. Delicious and versatile? That’s two thumbs up from me.

What’s the verdict? I LOVE THIS STUFF. I don’t know if I’ve expressed that properly or not… but yes this is the ish. Do yourself a favour and indulge today. You won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading! See y’all tomorrow (I promise!) 🙂


Steph x

  1. This sounds AMAZING! You know, I’ve only tried a couple of things from Nature Republic but all of your raves are making me want more, haha. There are even a couple of NP shops half a world away here in NYC, so I have no excuse!

    1. Hehe yes I am a bit obsessed. I’ve been pushing this on all my friends but they all have loved it so it’s ok! So yummy ♥ yes I think you should definitely make your way to your closest NP shop, just for a look of course… 😉

  2. “yes, I buy things without having any idea of what their purpose is. This may or may not be a problem of mine!”

    LOL I do this so much too! I just figure by the time the package gets to me I’ll either figure it out, or maybe someone else will review it hahaha. Bad choices to be honest.

    I haven’t tried that many NR products yet so I’m excited to be living near one. I can’t say I’m a fan of steam creams yet, but I had no idea why it was called that because of the process! Idk what I thought…that you’re supposed to put it on after you steam your face? Who knows…lol.

    What other products are waiting on your shelf now? Also YES end of spending ban!

    1. It’s terrible! I don’t even know what I’m thinking (I think that’s the problem…)! But it usually works out okay thank goodness. Now, when it comes to Nature Republic, you just can’t go wrong! I’m excited you are living near one too! Hehe I actually visited my local one tonight and the two girls and I were having some funny half-conversations in Korean/English… good times ^^ And yes spending ban is clearly over, I picked up the Argan 20° Toner (I love this line), and also an ampoule which is new! I may or may not have also swung by Missha and got their Super Aqua Essence and also their most delicious Choco Cacao Scrub. OMG it smells like a mudcake! So now I just have more products (and samples!) accruing in my closet, sigh… it’s a hard life 😉

  3. Hi this product sounds so great! I was just curious as to what sort of finish it has? (Matte, dewy?) I really want a dewy finish moisturiser of some sort and was wondering if you recommend this or any other products 🙂 thank you for the review ☆

    1. Hi Milly!

      This product definitely has more of a dewy finish (as does most Korean skincare). They love the fresh, glowy look in Korea, so it’s much rarer to find something that leaves you looking flat. I looooved this and would highly recommend it, although it may be too light as a final step (depending on your skin, of course).

      If that’s the case, the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is great too 🙂 I’m also currently testing a Face Shop moisturiser and will be writing a review soon!

      Thanks for commenting ^^

    1. Oh God NO! I sincerely hope not! You know actually, in Korea I did see it there, so fret not. I also just double-checked their Korean site to make sure haha. It’s also available on W2Beauty and Amazon… I seriously just calmed myself down too hehe 😉

  4. I ‘d read a review from somewhere else, she feels the warm when using Argan 20 Steam Emulsion. Do you feel the same way? i still hesitate to buy. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 No, it doesn’t make my skin feel warm or agitated, if that’s what you mean. I actually found this product really calming and moisturising! It’s still one of my favourites (and I’ve tried a lot) 🙂

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