So I Just Ordered My First Memebox…

Hi friends!

I am writing this from my desk at work, where we are currently ‘deskwarming’/sitting around perusing the internet and chatting amongst ourselves for a few hours on a Wednesday morning. Working at a hagwon, I am not used to this much free time and I don’t quite know what to do with myself!

Here is Natallia & I currently hard at work, for your amusement:

Natallia & I being productive
Natallia & I being productive

So, naturally, I have spent my time browsing online and subsequently purchasing my first Membox.  I was originally just asking my Korean teacher whether she had heard of it, and one thing led to another and tada! Le Memebox was purchased. It just sort of happened, and I have to admit I am incredibly excited about this development!

For the uninitiated, Memebox is a Korean beauty box which features a mix of Korean cosmetics delivered to your door each month. As I have started becoming more and more entangled in the gloriously engrossing world of Korean beauty products, I have been increasingly exposed to the wonders of beauty boxes. They are amazing, and pure genius on a business level.

You sign up, either for a one-off (my choice… for now) or a monthly subscription and you receive a beautiful box with a mish-mash of high-end,  mid-range and super original Korean products. As we know, Korean skincare and cosmetics are light years ahead in terms of technology and general awesomeness, and for the mere price of ₩16,500 (for the Korean edition; $30USD for the global edition) you can have a varied selection picked out for you to try. Some are full-sized, some are samples, some are hair products, skin products, make-up… The surprise element alone is perfection. The anticipation is killing me!

How has no one ever done this before?

Oh also, for the longest time I thought it was pronounced ‘Meme-box’ and thought it was a very bizarre name for a beauty box. ‘I don’t always buy beauty boxes… but when I do, it’s when I already have a haul of Korean cosmetics in my closet’? Turns out, it’s ‘Me-me-box’, which makes a lot more sense. I would also like to highlight that I figured this out by reading Hangul! Woo! Fighting! ^^

So I am super excited. I have read a few reviews of the global edition and I know that Memebox were in hot water for including non-Korean items in their boxes without notifying their customers. Not cool! However, I haven’t heard much about the Korean editions (because I don’t yet understand Korean…) so hopefully I will be able to shed a new light on this (hopefully) glorious product 🙂

My delivery ETA is the first or second week of March, and rest assured I will be posting my arrival as soon as I get it!

Until next time,

Steph x

  1. Hey girly, I’ve seen the Korean editions–they come with a lot of western products apparently. I know a girl or two that bought them through shopping services in Korea. Anyway, I am curious how they stack up for Koreans wanting to try western products as well. I wonder if they say they’re products we like in the west…LOL. I wish people would understand when I say Korean skincare is light years ahead! I need to just carry a business card around with a link to your post, because seriously it’s the truth. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the cetaphil/cerave stuff everyone on /r/SkincareAddiction touts…we have our own secret weapons now. =)

    1. Oh thanks for the heads up! I have no idea what I will get but I’m still keen to find out because I can’t find any English information on the Korean versions… I shall be the guinea pig 🙂 I love how you are so onto these guys hehe, you really are the guru of beauty boxes! And yes I totally agree re: Korean skincare (obvs), I am shamefully using Cetaphil from Australia right now (trying to finish it lol) but can’t wait to move on and be solely onto Korean products. So amazing, effective and affordable… I love this place! ^^

    1. Oh no! 🙁 It’s ok, foreigners actually aren’t allowed to order this, so my Korean teacher had to use her card :S you’ve still got time though! It hasn’t come yet so I will keep you posted, still worth trying I think!

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