Vlog #1: Hello from Shanghai!

Hi friends!

You may remember a while ago I mentioned videos I had taken and was meaning to post. Well, I haven’t done that… until now.

Please welcome my vlog debut!

(Although I originally uploaded this on a different channel, this is its official premiere)

This is the first in a (hopefully) series of videos, many of which I have taken and will upload chronologically. When I came here, I had a loooong stop in Shanghai which I used to get out and about in the city (and also into their Starbucks). After a good few hours, I finally found the nearby river which should have only taken me 20 minutes. I was tired, disoriented and in need of a good shower; nonetheless, I had a good time and was excited about the journey to come 🙂


Steph x

PS. I am again linking up with Her & Nicole for Lovely Thursdays… I guess this video represents the anticipation of my exciting time abroad which is quite lovely! Check out her beautiful blog 🙂